Sample Our Latest Technologies at This Year’s Mobile World Congress

by Matt Wuebbling

Nothing goes better with sangria and tapas than a little visual computing.

We’ve been working hard to link the world of mobile devices and visual computing with an array of new products and technology.

So we’re bringing a taste of some of our latest efforts to this week’s Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. A quick rundown of what we’ll be talking about:

Mobile KeplerTegra K1, which we introduced earlier this year, is a major discontinuity. Its 192 fully programmable cores deliver the world’s most advanced mobile graphics and performance, and its GPGPU power opens up many new applications and experiences, like automotive, computer vision, advanced imaging, speech recognition and video editing.

Tegra K1 brings the DNA found in our GeForce GTX 780 GPU to mobile devices. Thanks to the Tegra K1’s Kepler architecture – the same found in our high-performance desktop GPUs – developers are bringing the technologies used to power your favorite PC games to mobile devices.

64-bit Goes Mobile – Workstations and desktop computers have relied on 64-bit computing for years. Now we’re bringing that power to mobile devices with our amazing Denver CPU – the first 64-bit mobile ARM processor for Android devices. Hear more about our 64-bit story at the show.

LTE Modems – We’re showing off a new retail devices that pair our advanced LTE modem technology with our mobile Tegra processors. We’re bringing high-speed LTE connectivity to Tegra NOTE 7, the world’s fastest 7-inch Android tablet. And we’re also previewing the first Tegra 4i LTE phone in Europe from one of the fastest-growing local phone makers. Tegra 4i is our integrated LTE mobile processor that delivers 2x higher performance than competing phone chips.

Advanced Automotive Systems – We’ll also been showing off our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) demo powered by Tegra K1 – which uses our advanced visual computing technology as a foundation for pedestrian detection, lane keeping systems, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and autonomous driving.

If you’re at the show, stop by booth #7A21 in Hall 7 to learn more.