The Right to Remain Geeky: Speeding NVIDIAN Shows Officer His SHIELD, Gets Off With Warning

by Brian Caulfield

Let’s be clear up front. Sometimes you deserve the ticket.

And no one — least of all the NVIDIAN caught by the Highway Patrol doing better than 90 mph through the desolate landscape just outside Utah’s Fishlake National Forest — should think otherwise.

So when this particular engineer was pulled over in his four-door Ford Focus returning home recently from our Silicon Valley headquarters, he didn’t bother trying to talk his way out of it.

It’s easy to lose track of how fast you’re going when driving through the American West.

The leery officer, spotting a fully-connected laptop, mobile phone and SHIELD in the passenger seat,  asked the NVIDIAN where he was coming from, and what he was doing.

It quickly became apparent that they were kindred spirits.

“Turns out he’s a gamer,” said the NVIDIAN. “And he was just on our website looking for a new graphics card.”

So, he asked the officer if he’d ever tried a SHIELD, opened the unit sitting in his passenger seat and showed him “Real Boxing,” which comes bundled with the portable gaming device.

“I had also downloaded “Grand Theft Auto III” but I didn’t want to show him that because, um, I’d just been stopped for speeding,” admits the NVIDIAN.

The officer jumped right in, playing for a few minutes before handing the SHIELD back with a smile and a question: What else does it play? That’s when our colleague came clean about GTA III.

“Well, I see where you get your driving skills,” the officer said before sending our colleague on his way with a warning.

We promise, officer, he won’t do it again. And if you’re still looking for a great deal on a graphics card, check out our just-released GTX 750 Ti. Like everything we do, it’s fast.

Maybe too fast.