$100,000 Up for Grabs by a Startup at NVIDIA’s Emerging Companies Summit

by Alain Tiquet

It should make for great theater, Silicon Valley-style.

A dozen new startups square off next Wednesday at NVIDIA’s sixth annual Emerging Companies Summit, in San Jose, in a two-hour winner-take all competition. The prize: a $100,000 check, awarded on the spot.

Each CEO will present and answer questions from an expert panel, hosted by NBC technology reporter Scott Budman.

Check out why Rob Enderle, a long-time tech Valley watcher, likes the Summit, in this brief video:

The competition, called the Early Stage Challenge, takes place from 2-4 pm on Wednesday, March 26th. The presenters are:

  • Aerys –Real-time graphics applications for virtual entertainment
  • AudioStreamTV – Audio, video and image processing for mobile
  • brytlyt – Big data analytics, data algorithms, clusters and GPU management
  • Clarifai – Computer vision image recognition
  • Global Valuation – Financial valuation and simulation engines
  • IGI Technologies – Medical imaging and visualization
  • Map-D – GPU database for interactive big data analytics
  • MyCloud3D – Cloud-based, real-time graphics applications
  • Okam Studio – Video game development and technology consulting
  • oMobio – GPU-accelerated computer vision for mobile augmented reality applications
  • Scalable Graphics – Remote and cloud-based graphics visualization
  • ShiVa Technologies – Cloud-optimized game engine

The Early Stage Challenge is one highlight of the Emerging Companies Summit, which focuses on networking with innovative startups that are using GPUs to create disruptive businesses. Nearly three dozen startups from 15 countries will be participating.

The startups will also figure in a separate competition for $400,000 in prizes, to be split among the five most promising companies. They represent fast-growing fields such as computer vision, machine learning, big data & analytics, cloud computing, mobile apps and gaming.

The Summit is a highlight of the four-day GPU Technology Conference, located at the San Jose Convention Center. For more details, go here.

Image credit: Tax Credits