Crytek Adds NVIDIA GameWorks to “Warface”

by Ashu Rege

We’re announcing today at the Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco, that we’ve teamed up with Crytek to add support for several NVIDIA GameWorks technologies to its hit free-to-play online first-person shooter “Warface,” powered by CRYENGINE, their award-winning game development solution.

CRYENGINE has been praised for over a decade for its advanced technology. It’s the framework behind Crytek’s own hit franchises, including “Crysis” and “Ryse: Son of Rome.” It’s also licensed to top developers, such as NCsoft, XL Games, Tencent and 2K Games.

“Warface” uses CRYENGINE’s advanced graphics and game technology to create a fast-paced, online first-person shooter, featuring intuitive controls and slick gameplay. The addition of GameWorks technologies like NVIDIA PhysX and VisualFX will take the gameplay in “Warface” to a higher plane of realism and engagement.

First-person shooter game “Warface,” powered by CRYENGINE.One of the most compelling PhysX features in the game will be mesh debris using PhysX particles. It makes it possible for debris from the impact of weapons on concrete, grass, soil, wood, sand and the like to interact with the environment, as it would in the real world.  And unlike most games today, the debris will remain on the scene rather than disappearing after it’s spawned.

Another challenge for game technology is the simulation and rendering of physically correct smoke, dust and other fluid dynamics effects. NVIDIA’s VisualFX Turbulence module will enable complex fluid simulations and particle effects in “Warface” using advanced techniques like Navier-Stokes simulations.

The result: engine exhaust, smoke from explosions, dust from falling debris and spinning helicopter rotors can interact with the rest of the environment, both static and dynamic. Combined with PhysX particles, Turbulence provides a 1-2 punch of dynamism and realism.

Simply put, gamers will soon be able to enjoy “Warface” with an unprecedented level of immersion on PCs with GeForce GTX GPUs.