Titanfall to Get More Eye Candy with NVIDIA GameWorks

by Ashu Rege

Mixing mayhem and monstrous machines in never-before-seen ways, Titanfall has already reinvigorated the first-person shooter genre.

Now, we’ll be working with Titanfall’s game developer, Respawn Entertainment, to keep their multiplayer, first-person shooter at the cutting edge of image quality.

NVIDIA’s engineers will be collaborating with Respawn’s artists and engineers to build support for a number of NVIDIA GameWorks features into Titanfall.

“We are working towards implementing several NVIDIA GameWorks technologies that can make Titanfall look and play even better, including TXAA for high quality anti-aliasing and HBAO+ technologies for improved shadow details,” said Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment. “We will also be working towards updates for SLI and 4k support to ensure a fantastic high end PC experience.”

One of the key GameWorks features that will be built into Titanfall: Temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA),  a film–style anti–aliasing technique that reduces the crawling and flickering seen in motion when playing games.

TXAA creates a smooth, clear image by combining high-quality multi-sample anti-aliasing, post processes, and NVIDIA-designed filters.  It’s the highest quality anti-aliasing technique out there, and delivers the stunning visuals that a groundbreaking game like Titanfall deserves.

We will also be working together to add Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+) technologies to create more lifelike shadows in Titanfall.  HBAO+ uses advanced algorithms to create shadows that react accurately on and around objects in Titanfall in a lifelike, non-uniform fashion. It improves on existing ambient occlusion techniques by adding richer, more detailed, more realistic shadows around objects.

Respawn will also release updates to support high-definition 4k displays, and our SLI multi-GPU technology, for a fantastic high-end PC experience.

NVIDIA GameWorks represents our promise to gamers and developers to make the best game experience possible. GameWorks is a collection of technologies and tools that include visual and physical simulation software, development kits, debuggers, algorithms, engines and libraries that can already be found in top-selling games.

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  • Killercow

    Any idea when we can see those in game? Especially SLI?

  • Redemption77

    I bet the competition is feeling a bit green with envy. See how I did that?! 🙂

  • Redemption77

    I would love to know too. It can’t get here fast enough!

  • J4K5

    How SLI support isn’t S.O.P. with the release of a new game yet i don’t know.

  • Daniel Ernesto

    PhysX! like Hawken!

    Make it happen!

  • stealthgyro


  • Brian Caulfield


  • Anes Zejnilovic


  • VenomouS RAGE


  • Lee Swain

    SLI support can not come soon enough! All games need to ship with SLI support!

  • Jeremy Tadashi Toda

    surround hud plz? haha

  • C C

    Can you get them to compress their textures? Most of your flagship cards don’t have enough VRAM for their mediocre textures, has to be a compression issue.

  • Mulberry

    Its funny because you think nvidia cares about surround users. I haven’t had a game work properly in surround out of the box yet. Also, they can’t even get the windows taskbar to work properly on a surround desktop. Every driver release fixes and then introduces a new, equally terrible desktop bug.

  • ReadersSpace

    I love this game and waiting from long time.. thanks for such a nice information regarding this game. keep sharing..

    Titanfall Xbox 360

  • Mister Fix

    Please tell me that the Surround HUD problem will go away too? 🙂

  • kokoti zvaly

    Nvidia :D:D

  • miamirican305

    When is this suppose to happen?

  • Oinkerius Piig

    ^^Yeah! That.
    It’s a Source game. I could expect SLI out-of-the-box. We were cheated. Screw EA and screw Respawn!

  • Saahir

    SLI anytime now… its been over a month since you announced this

  • SimenTheOne

    Titanfall does not work well for me in Nvidia Surround, cuz i cant see my bloody map or ammo, so im running blind in there. is it fixable?

  • rickdmer

    Still no SLI support? What’s going on over there?

  • Pedro Lantery

    SLI Support is a must!! High end graphics are nothing if u dont support high end rigs…I`m using a COD ghosts profile for now,but my fps can be higher for sure!! It has been 3 months since this announcement,such a shame…guess well be playing another games with nice graphics just because this one doesnt support sli

  • Jeremy Tadashi Toda

    lol so much negativity go dunk your head amd fanboy

  • Mulberry

    You think i’d know the particulars about surround if I was an amd user? I own 2x 780’s and I am tired of them not supporting the features I was sold on.

  • Jeremy Tadashi Toda

    features sounds more like an issue to bring up on the forums rather than here lol. imean surround taskbar errors has absolutely nothing to do with titanfall..

    besides. my original request, the *hud* in surround, is respawns responsibility, not nvidia’s.

    respawn has the engine (which is the source of surround hud issues)
    nvidia has the drivers (which is merely performance or graphical enhancement)

    hud is respawns issue, not nvidia’s

  • Jeremy Tadashi Toda

    btw hopefully this will help, check out
    and “widescreen fixer” and “flawless widescreen”
    they hav all sorts of fixes and stuff for surround that i’v found super useful

  • Mulberry

    By that logic your comment belongs in Respawn’s forums.

  • Mulberry

    Agreed WSG is a lifesaver, but it deals in fixes to games whereas the functioning of surround in windows should not require third-party programs and arcane registry tweaks to make work.

  • Jeremy Tadashi Toda

    ye very true. although personally, i havent run into many problems running windows in surround? only photoshop has problems

    and fair point, so it does.

  • Simon Humphrey

    How much longer … ?

  • HotshotGT

    Is this ever going to happen?