NVIDIA SHIELD – New Games, New Features and Now $199 for a Limited Time

by Jason Paul

NVIDIA SHIELD was designed to be the ultimate portable for serious gamers.  To achieve that mark, we engineered SHIELD with the most advanced and purpose built technologies available, including a powerful Tegra 4 processor, console grade controller, and amazing bass reflex speakers.  SHIELD was designed to be an evolving gaming system, providing expanded features, functionality and gameplay enhancements over time. For our upcoming software update, we have provided several important improvements.

The biggest change: updates to our GameStream technology that helps SHIELD adapt to the way enthusiasts like to game.

Since the launch of SHIELD, gamers have wanted to play their PC games outside the home. With the upcoming software release, we are making that a reality with remote streaming support – coming in beta. For complete remote access to your PC, we’ve built in wake-on-LAN support to allow gamers to remotely wake their PC from sleep mode and remote login support to let you log into a locked PC from SHIELD.

Giving gamers even more ways to play PC games on SHIELD, new Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support lets them pair their SHIELD with an HDTV in console mode and play their favorite keyboard and mouse PC games such as World of WarCraft, Civilization V, and League of Legends on their big screens.

NVIDIA SHIELD in console mode

And notebook support – also in beta – lets gamers stream to SHIELD from a GeForce GTX-powered notebook PC, including all GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M and select GTX 600M series GPUs.

Now with official support for over 100 PC games, including spring’s biggest hits such as Titanfall, GameStream provides an even more incredible way to enjoy your favorite games away from the PC.

Beyond GameStream, a new user interface on our TegraZone app lets you find games with just a touch of the NVIDIA button built into every SHIELD. And we’re making it easier to play more Android games the way you want, by adding a new user interface to SHIELD’s Gamepad Mapper, which lets you play thousands of games built for touch on SHIELD’s console-grade controls.

Finally, SHIELD will be getting the latest version of Google’s Android operating system – Android 4.4.2, also known as KitKat. The result is a quick, fluid experience that continues to give SHIELD users access to the rich ecosystem of Android games, apps and utilities. The upshot: in just eight months since SHIELD was first launched, our handheld gaming platform is more powerful, and flexible, than ever.

The software release will be hitting devices next week on April 2. Haven’t picked up a SHIELD yet? To celebrate the software upgrade, we’re promoting SHIELD at just $199, starting today through the end of April.

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  • Chuck Norris

    Is it compatible with GT635M?

  • Shaheed Waddy

    awwwww yaeh

  • Shaheed Waddy

    i cant wait!!!!!!!! ^.^

  • nwbasson

    Seriously you guys, I want to have your babies.

  • Gatling Jack

    well, good to hear your constantly improving.
    I still miss the main feature for me in Gamestream:
    Make all Steam games respectively a gamers Steam library available for console mode streaming.
    Be aware: Valve already confirmed that there will “streaming-only Steam-Machines” on the way for release in September by their hardware partners. If the Shield doesn’t offer that minimum specification, a lof of potentially interested people will choose a specific Stream Steam-Machine and not the Shield.

  • haris500

    I want to get, should I wait for shield 2?

  • Joom

    I want to buy one but I’m scared you guys will release a Tegra K1 version right after.

  • CoD511

    More countries having availibility… please 🙁

  • TimK

    So, what is this SHIELD all about? What is it for?

  • Daniel

    Can you Skype while streaming a pc game?

  • Terry Proveau

    maybe but no video as there is no webcam

  • Terry Proveau

    Minimum is 650 I think

  • Daniel

    My friends and I use Skype to talk when playing. I hope you can. Won’t be a deal breaker but I hope you can.

  • Daniel

    I thinking the same thing but I want it for streaming so I really don’t think it will be a big deal. What I’m worried about is a bigger screen.

  • Nvidiashield

    Does anyone know when shield 2 comes out?

  • Dylan Jackson

    For those thinking about a possible SHIELD2… while the Tegra K1 is a fantastic chip that would make a lot possible, remember that the Tegra 4 can more than handle any foreseeable Android game, and when streaming the heavy lifting/rendering is done on another machine… with this being the main type of use, it basically eliminates hardware obsolescence on the SHIELD. Until the LOCAL processing demands change, the current SHIELD will work as well as it ever did.

  • Swean moukoord

    The only legit reason to wait for shield 2 would be Tegra K1 but I am almost certain there will be nog Shield with Tegra K1 in atleast a year. Other than that, Shield 1 is totally worth.

  • Dylan Jackson

    Although, yes, a bigger screen couldn’t hurt. Then again with the new software update, a SHIELD for a mere $200 is basically a fully functional portable HTPC and handheld gaming device. That’s pretty hard to beat.

  • Spec

    Does the shield 1 worth it right now (Based on the on sales)? Or wait for shield 2?

  • Tal Oz

    TeamSpeak is better mate