Two GPUs, One Insane Graphics Card: Introducing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z

by Justin Walker

Continuing the TITAN legacy of supercomputer-inspired performance, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the GeForce GTX TITAN Z today at our annual GPU Technology Conference.

Built around two Kepler GPUs and 12GB of dedicated frame buffer memory, TITAN Z is engineered for next-generation 5K and multi-monitor gaming.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z Graphics Card

With two GK110 chips, TITAN Z is powered by a total of 5,760 processing cores, or 2,880 cores per GPU.

“If you’re in desperate need of a supercomputer that you can fit under your desk, we have just the card for you,” Jen-Hsun said.

Unlike traditional dual-GPU cards, Titan Z’s twin GPUs are tuned to run at the same clock speed, and with dynamic power balancing. So neither GPU creates a performance bottleneck.

And that performance is delivered in a card that is cool and quiet, rather than hot and loud. Low-profile components and ducted baseplate channels minimize turbulence and improves acoustic quality.

So if you want to build the ultimate ultra-high definition gaming rig that can harness the power of quad GPUs working in tandem, TITAN Z is the perfect graphics card.

See “Self-Driving Audi, TITAN Z and Six Other GTC News Highlights,” for an overview of everything we announced Tuesday at our annual GPU Technology Conference. 

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  • Odin Freya

    Can you give one to me please?

  • Shawn Shoesmith

    This card is slated to be considerably more expensive than my entire current PC.

  • Anton Lindblom

    Can i get one please? I Can make unboxing video of This to my YouTube Channel named ThePixel90

  • Mirco Nixweiter

    I would be very happy if I can have it because my old computer almost falls apart

  • Borys Kaminskyy

    So pointless…

  • Carlos Alfredo

    brb i’ll sell my liver

  • Alex Seto

    I would love to have on of these, but it cost’s more than my pc and 5000Watt power supplies were not invented yet

  • Toma Eduard Victor

    If your old computer falls apart then this card won’t even work properly in it and it would be wasted on you.

  • Thomas Su


  • Toni

    Support SLI?

  • Anton Lindblom

    Does my 600w psu Run This card?

  • Toma Eduard Victor

    Hell no, I bet you need at least 1200.

  • Anton Lindblom

    OK 🙂 so if i buy This card, i need 2 Times Better psu 😀

  • Zachery Danny

    It’s not pointless. Imagine the render times in 3d modeling and digital art 😮

  • Jesse Bulk

    this time Quad-SLI really IS overkill

  • jtr3

    Wondering why there’s a $1,000 premium to have 2x Titans Blacks in one card slot.

  • Adam Kotlinski

    Quad SLI is not even possible lol
    Considering the each PCB already has two chips on it the most you could technically do is Two-Way SLI 🙂

  • Borys Kaminskyy

    How many do you think will be sold?

  • Robbie Crocket

    Sorry pal, still isn’t enough

  • Петър Кръстанов

    SLI is based on how many GPU’s you have, not how many Graphics Cards. If you have two Dual GPU cards in SLI, then you have Quad SLI(and you obviously can’t add any more cards).

  • Robbie Crocket

    I don’t think you will need a 5000W psu pal.

  • Turo Orvel

    You’d have to be complete moron to think that this is meant for you average gamer. It’s for professionals, content creators and researcher.

  • Cakefish

    I believe it needs over 9000, actually.

  • gavingreenwalt

    Step 1: Someone develops a usable production 3D renderer that runs on the GPU.

  • Turo Orvel

    You idiot. This is not for gamers.

  • Adam Kotlinski

    You are correct. I should have rephrased my response.

  • Jean Diniz de Oliveira

    It’s a Quad-SLI (4 chips, 2 cards), not a 4-Way (4 chips, 4 cards)

  • Carlos Alfredo

    plus a kidney for SLI

  • Ivan Sudaric

    Way more expensive.

  • Jacob Texasfan Greene

    this for desk top and laptop ?

  • Xaxal_Ravenguard

    Now the real question is: Will this finally beat the 780 ti by a large margin?

  • Ichimaru, Gin

    WAY WAY WAAAAYYYYYYY more expensive

  • Ichimaru, Gin

    not even remotely close -_-

  • milo_black97

    384 or 512 bit

  • rayzz

    the price is 3000 $

  • Seb-Ha-L-Eau

    2kWatts? Like my radiator? It’s so good for winter !

  • MohamdNaser

    But it’s still cheaper than a white Xbox one.

  • Vertigo101

    This card is more expensive then quad 770s..

  • BenQBrandon

    Just ordered 10 of these, FUCK YES.

  • Ichimaru, Gin

    solid reference, although I would run 1200 as minimum, because with a card like that you would have a serious set-up, this isn’t for the average PC owner this is straight up high end everything PC territory, so I would prefer something in the 1600 or better range

  • Ewq

    Sure you did

  • Mark

    basically 4 cards in two slots running at 16x if you have a compatable motherboard which is pretty insane! 🙂

  • markyparky56

    I think quite a few commercial renderers make use of the GPU for ray-tracing because its more efficient.

  • Mark

    hahaha nice try! XD

  • jtr3

    Almost as insane as the $6,000 it will cost you, considering that same board would hold 4x Titans for $4,000 (the Titan Z is a triple wide card, so you’d likely need a quad-SLI capable board to fit two of them, depending on the case).

  • gavingreenwalt

    VrayRT: no volumetrics, incredibly unstable, many shader limitations.
    Octane: acceptable for simple arch-viz but nowhere near production ready.
    iRay: maturing but still pretty wonky.

  • Suman Rahaman

    is there any bank here who will provide lone for this card ??

  • Ricmi


  • iMacmatician

    What’s the TDP of the TITAN Z?

  • Dalton Reid

    Of a considerably higher bracket of value compared to your current recreational computing apparatus.

  • Dalton Reid

    I don’t wanna T_T

  • ZePreem

    That’s why you use it for bitcoin, so after 3 cycles, you’ll have at least 5 to pay for it.

  • Jafar

    This will definitely make Wolfenstein 3D waaaay better.

  • Gareth

    about 500 max.

    The cost rules out the masses of gamers, maybe 1-2% of all gamers in the world will be able to afford it..

    Will cost around $3000 in my country… the 7990 = $1100 here and it retails for $700 in USA….so damn overpriced.

    this will be bought my universities/Governments for super computers mainly…

  • BenQBrandon

    Of course I did you moron, I am one of the largest Nvidia Dealers on Amazon.

  • Best Tan

    Wait… Let me rob the bank first

  • Grey Ghost

    But can it CAD?

  • 010TheMaster010


  • nicola

    3000€ vga, who can buy, ONLY NASA-GAMES DEVPLOVERS, AND FOR WORKSTATION for who have lot of money, nvidia, you failed seriusly!!!!!

  • Demise

    People actually buy this stuff. Because some people have too much money.

    Probably the same people who buy headphones for $1000 and cases for $500, and who probably have one or two 4k monitors costing $3000 each.

  • The Terrible Puddle

    I don’ have enough organs for this!

  • Rohith Rooney

    u work at BenQ dont u….i have seen u on facebook

  • lp

    I sure hope this is a prize in a giveaway. It’s awesome! Thanks

  • BenQBrandon

    Nope. Do NOT work at BenQ. They just make awesome Gaming Monitors. The best out there. Period.

  • Moscato-Moe

    Nvidia sucks at bitcoin mining

  • Macky Achuela

    wow awesome is that really $3000 🙂

  • Shraman Chakraborty

    What is the Power Consumption of this thing? 650-700watts @full load?

  • Macky Achuela

    im still waiting to release GTX 790 🙂

  • jtr3

    I think you just witnessed it.

  • Jan Chris Tacbianan

    CUDA Miner works fair enough.

  • Caliburn

    Too be fair, I would really, really like a pair of headphones for 1000$ a lot more than I want this, sure I want this as well, but one can only dream. I think my GTX 780 is doing fine though 🙂

  • James McManus

    There are at least one or two people out there who crunch data for profit.

  • pffff


  • Moscato-Moe

    Cudaminer is still slower than openCL mining on AMD

    Regardless, bitcoin mining is so difficult now, it’s not financially worth doing on anything a dedicated ASIC due to electrical costs

  • Lebogang Mo Modisenyane

    well damn, there goes my allowance for the next 3 years

  • chris p moore

    Minecraft will be great on this. :0

  • Ichimaru, Gin

    this guy gets it

  • Yali AA

    Need to sell you kindy, liver and alot of sperm donations in order to atleast buy one..

  • Brian Caulfield


  • Brian Caulfield

    That joke never gets old.

  • Brian Caulfield


  • Ameer K Srour

    fuck the price, im going to sell my house.

  • Rodin10

    More than double the cost of mine…

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Would this card be recommended if i wanted to play USURPER DND on this BBS i found? Also, would it render text on a MUD?

  • David Seong

    For the price of 1 Titan Z, you could buy 3 Titan Blacks for the same price, or 4 780Tis with $100 left over.

  • Jason Elmore

    Screen Shot of receipt or it didn’t happen.

  • Martin Marinov

    It costs only your SOUL and your first born child.

  • jfenton

    Lol, I’m getting 4 of them to replace my 4 titan blacks, the point is for high end rigs, they release lower type cards, for other uses. There is a market for these, for personal super-computing, extreme gaming ,servers, etc. This is an evolution! Not a failure, I can’t contain my excitement about this! I’m personally using it to crunch data-sets, alongside my Tesla K40’s!

  • Logan Michael Hines

    I want to know what the clock speeds are. What are the performance differences between this and a K6000 Quadro?

  • Ken Sharp

    I am going to the toilet.

  • Calpol Shennan

    4? Good one.

  • Macky Achuela

    yeah yeah the GTX 790 are second most powerful than GTX Titan Z 🙂

  • jfenton

    Wut, I was serious.

  • jtr3

    Better budget in a new motherboard as well, cuz 4 triple-wide Titan Z’s aren’t gonna fit what you’ve got now.

  • jfenton

    I’ve got ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79, I think I’m ok but am I misreading? If there is a need for a new mother board I’ll just buy a new PC 🙂

  • Alexander Tischler

    Your customers must love your customer service with that attitude.

  • BenQBrandon

    It’s amazon you dumbfuck, there is no need for customer service. Fucking noob.

  • jfenton

    Haha, this thing is almost the size of a laptop!

  • BenQBrandon

    You idiot, you can’t pay for them yet, they won’t get allocated for weeks.

  • James Langbridge

    Dear Father Christmas, I know it is a little early, but I’ve been
    reaaaaally good, and you still haven’t delivered my red fire engine that I
    asked for about 25 years ago, so could I possibly have this? (before

  • Cameron Brown


  • Χλαπάτσας Τρύφων


  • Χλαπάτσας Τρύφων

    will it blend?

  • TTheuns

    OMG. Is this what I think it is? Two Titans on one PCB with the Incrediblye sexy cooler derived from the GTX 690? This is a dream!

  • Χλαπάτσας Τρύφων

    This is NOT the one

  • Brian Caulfield

    Oh please don’t.

  • Ryan Gadz

    it is triple wide? it looks only double.

  • jfenton

    Make sure to try to blend 2 for optimal performance.

  • cronos

    Then you’re quite ignorant, because the fact is you can only have 2 of these in the same build 😉

  • jfenton

    Well I look like a twonk, aha, I guess I’ll just get the 2! Still better than 4 blacks!

  • Erick Sitter

    I’m gonna buy 2 when these are released!

  • cronos

    Well, if you’re using them for just pure calculation, then in theory you can have 4, but SLI won’t work

  • Elliot M Mudrick

    The price is a definitely a deterrent but it hasn’t stopped my drooling

  • Robert Filomeo

    With all this talk about the GTX Titans being THE card for
    supercomputing does this mean that Nvidia is going to end the quadro
    line of cards?

    Update: After doing some looking i found this:

  • Steve Lamb

    It’s for Star Citizen . . . . 😉

  • jtr3

    I’m not aware of a 4-way SLI board that can hold 4 x 3-slot-wide cards.

  • jtr3

    Nope, wider than a double unfortunately. You can see it more clearly in the release video ad.

  • Guest

    With all this talk about the GTX Titans being THE card for
    supercomputing does this mean that Nvidia is going to end the quadro
    line of cards?

  • OMFG

    4-way SLI is 8 slots.
    A quad-sli of GTX Titan Z is 6 slots and you have space between the cards to better cool them.
    Titan Z only if you plan to buy 2 of them.

  • Ahmed Nasser

    normal power supplies wouldn’t work
    it needs a nuclear reactor 😀

  • Jameson

    Two Titan Blacks will outperform one of these for 2/3 of the price. Since you can only have up to two of these new cards in SLI it would be unnecessary for most gaming applications unless you wanted to make an extreme micro-itx build. Also, @Ahmed Nasser:disqus, it shouldn’t have many power issues since each GPU will be underclocked to prevent overheating.

  • Jameson

    Regardless of that, each card has 2 GPUs. There is no such thing as 8-Way SLI. Keep your titan blacks, they’ll out perform two Titan Zs (which is the max you can SLI on one system). Unless you’re doing some insane crunching where you don’t need to run them in SLI, it’s unnecessary. Also, I have the normal Asus RIVE, there isn’t room for 16 expansion slots.

  • kiddo

    you sound nervous and kinda douchy…just sayin`

  • Alexander Tischler

    You seem to have some anger issues. Want to talk about it champ?

  • Symantex

    I could buy 6000 lemons for that

  • Danobytes


  • Rigo Suave Gaucin

    Pilot, your Titan is Online. Signal when READY!!!!

  • Jesus Adolfo Baltan ramirez

    for that I buy two GTX TITAN Black ($2000)

  • jtr3

    Yes, but many boards have the x16 slots spaced at double-wide intervals, meaning that the second x16 slot will likely be inaccessible, moving the second Titan Z to the third x16 slot. Unless you have a big enough board/case, that second Z might not fit width-wise from the third slot.

  • Robert Filomeo

    or you can just go with a pair of gtx 780 Ti’s and have it cost 1/2 the price. for gaming purposes the double precision that the titans offer has no value.

  • jtr3

    I doubt he’d be using SLI. I just used the term to quickly identify the type of board configuration I was talking about.

  • jfenton

    such decision, much titans, so amaze 😉

  • OMFG

    If you pretend to use this card on a non Intel -EP enabled board, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Chris MacDonald

    I’d LOVE to get hold of this for my rendering! Still cheaper than a K6000, and (for me) would do the same job.

    Tempted to request one.

  • Mike Litoris

    How on earth is that fan in the middle sufficient enough to cool two fully fledged GK110 gpu’s?

  • jfenton

    Yeah think I might move the blacks into my personal computer (been meaning to upgrade the cards), and use the 4 Titan Z’s without SLI. Still got a while to think about that before I can order 🙂

  • gbril

    It will run crysis?

  • TTheuns

    Half the cores, same amount of VRAM.

  • TTheuns

    Could you, like, adopt me or something…

  • TTheuns

    It’s not fans or heatsinks that cools it, it’s pure magic

  • TTheuns

    I believe it is

  • TTheuns

    Count me in for your crew

  • TTheuns

    That would buy me 4 780Ti’s and a 780 dedicated to PhysX

  • TTheuns

    It’s basically two of those, so yeah.

  • TTheuns

    It was a joke…

  • TTheuns

    Who needs a heart, a lung and a kidney? Will sell for Titan Z

  • DanBurcea

    shht guys, easy with the banter or you’ll scare the whales, we need to sell at least a few dozens of these to make up for the development costs

  • Brent Nickson

    your right nvidea says 600 watts for titan , that’s just for card then you add rest of your system,so look at all your specs add to the 600

  • Brent Nickson
  • Jameson

    Dual Vapor Chamber?

  • Jameson

    The Titan Black is just a 6GB 780 ti with the titan name just so they can charge an extra $600 for 3 Gigs of VRAM.

  • Jameson

    You still won’t fit it on a your board without risers.

  • jfenton

    Already got them 😛

  • jfenton

    Aha, no problem, I shall rename you dobby 😉

  • jfenton

    Depending on what your doing the extra VRAM could be worth it!

  • TTheuns

    I wouldn’t even mind

  • jfenton

    Aha, you make me laugh 🙂 I cried a little.

  • NintendoNoob

    Hearts cost $150,000

  • Demise

    I guess you must be an audiophile.. I just got a new pair for $130, and I don’t mean to upgrade them for years. 😛

    Personally, I’d love a 4k monitor… But again, at 2.5+ grand, one can only dream. 🙁

  • Demise

    I can get 50 of these with my heart… *Drools*

  • IreMinMon

    Honestly I believe things like 5K Resolution shoudl never happen, maybe 6K, but this doesn’t feel ok.

  • mart fart

    How much sperm? Hmmmm I wonder?

  • mart fart

    I calculate only 450 donations required, and as it would take me over a week…I think a sperm pyramid sales structure will get us all “”free”” cards. I am currently top of start sending donations to me.

  • mart fart

    Er sorry boys only!

  • Sumit Neupane


  • Scary Orange

    if they are already starting to develop 12GB GPUs does that mean there could be a 64GB GPU in a decade or two

  • mart fart

    You just had to use the race card!

  • mart fart

    I don’t want liver unless you supply onions too.

  • mart fart

    BenQ have to buy in their panels and electronics, they are a year or two behind even a decent Samsung TV….

  • mohamed


  • ThatHKDude

    I would sell my soul for a PC w/ this card. Yes. I’M THAT DESPERATE!!!


  • Robert Filomeo

    Probably not, by then GPUs will probaby all be operating on a unified memory design where it all uses the main system ram. infact that is a technology point of Pascal which comes after maxwell.

    Granted pascal allows the memory f both system and GPU to be access be each other, it’s still a step towards what the Xbone and PS4 are doing with there memory designs. Hopefully we will be utilizing DDR5 by at least 2017-2018

  • Da Reason Beats

    did you hear how the crowd went silent when he said the price? I will stick with my 780!

  • djacobs1121
  • Da Reason Beats

    welfare can’t help me now! 🙁 smfh

  • Cakefish

    And make 6000 combustible lemon bombs.

  • Kevin Tyler Johnson

    This is why Nvidia is better than ATI. Constant strives to be literally THE BEST. You couldn’t even begin to match this power for the price in ATI standards. Cant be done.

  • Zilo

    $3000 USD?

  • Sniffngiggles

    ..but will it blend?

  • pbvider

    So where is Maxwell?

  • Justin Curtright

    And here I am masturbating with my Xbox One.

  • John zang

    Can it play minecraft

  • Sam Williams

    as always is goes above average graphics that most people can afford to graphics cards that the average is no way going to buy because of the price bracket even if a year it goes down in price a little most people cant afford for playing games. This is card is really for visual design compaines. no so much for the average gamer

  • R@J

    expecting a price drop to $1000 in a year or two.

  • Jishay Smallhorn


  • Charlie Peacock

    This video was like the Top Gear of PC hardware – never going to be able to afford what they’re showing us, but it’s so pretty…Teenagers will have posters of it up on their walls and dream…

  • Ares

    Water Blocks solves everything 🙂

  • Tjark Torp


  • IDontKnowMyName

    it sure will run minesweeper 2D, but not sure about the 3D version 😛

  • Guest

    Don’t you read ? 😉

    “Unlike traditional dual-GPU cards, Titan Z’s twin GPUs are tuned to run
    at the same clock speed, and with dynamic power balancing. So neither
    GPU creates a performance bottleneck.”

  • Reinaldo A. C. Rauch

    “Supercomputer-inspired power” and Supercomputer-inspired price

  • arek

    where to buy?

  • arek

    in England?

  • DBlain

    If the price is right, I want two of those. What’s your dealer name on Amazon – I’ll PM you over there.

  • 010TheMaster010

    Preliminary benchmarks say it might only get 15-25 FPS on even Minesweeper 2D. Get it together, Nvidia.

  • Alan A


  • TheCarWashChannel

    Only one fan?

  • Gath Gealaich
  • No

    No one will buy this 😀
    Poor Nvidia 🙁

  • BİROL Aksoy

    6,700 tl vay paraya bak uufff bunu almayı bırak anca hayal ederim 10 sene geçmesilazım 🙂

  • tCut

    Some “gamer” chick is gonna think she is just SO cool when she buys this card…

    to play Farmville

  • TimePower


  • Brian Caulfield

    That joke never gets old.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Oh, please don’t!

  • Brian Caulfield


  • Brian Caulfield


  • Brian Caulfield


  • CoD511

    I hope they elaborate on what they’re referring to by 5K.

  • TimK


  • TimK

    Welp, brb im selling some organs to get this, how much organs must i sell and which

  • TimK

    Nvidia logic: Double the card, Triple the price ! GG Nvidia

  • Rhys

    You can get 4 780TI for the price of this

  • Hector

    You obviously don’t know how much supercomputers have cost in the past. This is nothing.

  • disqus_kxTULfH3u1

    there’s more cards coming soon from other suppliers keep a look out maybe cheaper??

  • tedstriker69


  • ScoreGamer43

    Ha, Titanfall…you understand?

  • Matthew Hatfield

    Anxious to see this tech trickle down to more affordable cards.

  • Raven Petrozza Urungus

    why is the logo upside- down on the second video (animated)

  • Dylan Gall

    holy nutts this thing has more memory then my pc has ram

  • Hibiki

    An ASIC-Dongle for 30€ would be more powerful with 98% less power consumption 😉 But even with one of these you will only get 0.001 US-Cent or so at current stock price per month 😛

  • Isaac Lowe

    Be realistic here, wait until the ebay sales on next-gen, you might be able to get it for that plus the ark of the covenant and a few soverign nations.

  • Caliburn

    I love dreams 🙂

  • Sagar Rawal

    Wow, for media professionals and GPGPU developers needing more density while retaining professional features such as 30 bit color and fast double precision floating point performance, this card is amazing!

    The GeForce branding coupled with the $2999 MSRP may cause confusion to the uninitiated as to what market demographic this card is catering to. If this card was a Quadro, it would be a steal at $2999, considering the single GK110/GK180 Quadro K6000 sells for $4999.

  • josh

    this is like three times the price of my computer make that like 6I’ve updated a few pieces but parts from other stuff mainly

  • Awakened Herr Primate


  • nashathedog

    Only 3 years? Damn you get a bigger PC allowance than me and I’m in my 40’s 🙁

  • nashathedog

    That’s what I’m worried about… Will there be an actual 790 or is this the only sli model Nvidia are providing? If it is that sucks as the 760 Mars hasn’t got the ram or the grunt I wanted. I’m sat on a 780 at the minute and I wanted a 790 with more ram than 3gb’s per gpu but I can’t afford no where near 3k so it look’s like I may have to get a second 780. I’ll probally sell my 780 and get 2x 6gb 780’s on release

  • Lebogang Mo Modisenyane

    its a hustle, every little money i work for and or get i save towards my PC.. hard work pays as i have been taught, but i wouldn’t sweat myself too much just to get this card… no thanks!

  • Tgirgis


  • Tgirgis

    Damn, I’ve only got 2 sovereign nations. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

  • david

    will it have sli?

  • Rayn

    It’s not worth it for gamers because it’s not a gaming card. I want it because the DPFP really helps when you need to do really precise calculations in rendering and in general. (Why this and not just two Titan Blacks? Because this takes up 2 slots, not 4. Good for smaller rigs… Also it looks badass.)

  • Rayn

    Considering how difficult it is to get two GK110 GPUs on ONE PCB and still keep a dual-slot form factor without melting, it makes sense.

  • Rayn


  • Gu Tony

    way expensive,not worth this price. The only difference between this card and 2 Titan x16 Sli is the memory. this can use 12 GB, but sli can only use the first card memory. The question is wat game in wat kind of reslution will use 12GB memory? nvidia is crazy.

  • Adam Thomas

    Is this 12GB shared or 6+6 ?

  • MumchingPotatoes

    In years to come, this GPU will become something common.. believe it or not

  • Sary Nassar

    hhhhhhhhhh you need a direct electricity power line from factory to make it work %100

  • SanoBoss

    I’ll just stick with my GTX 780Ti.

  • Ole André Høiland

    This is amazing, if you can’t afford one, you probably wont need one.

  • boris

    Such products make me feel sorry… not that i cant afford it. I’m sorry that such things are being manufactured even without the need of it. It’s purposed for people with too much money, spending them on everything “best”. SUPERCONSUMER bullsh*t. Get lost please

  • Атанас Пачов

    what is the TDP ?

  • gg

    Looks amazing tho 😛

  • Eddie Dj-Polar Rose

    lol, at like a billion frames a second

  • gg

    Is it single gpu or daul gpu

  • James David Butterworth

    omg my hero!

  • TeeWee

    Why u steal my toasy

  • Robert K

    Yep. But it’s not like that you need a McLaren to drive fast. And you definitely don’t need that very card. It’s more like prestige. 5k gaming? Even 4k gaming is nonsense unless you play on a giant screen and are sitting several metres away (everything above 300DPI is hard to perceive). For standard position infront of your desk, let’s say 60 cm you don’t need 4k and therefore you don’t need this card.

  • Christian

    You could re-pay Greece’s debt with the money for this card.

  • Hello


  • Guest



  • anthony

    i was sold until i saw its power consumption… i think ill just get a gtx 780 this summer

  • Tgirgis

    I wonder if it will be able to use the newly adopted VESA freesync by that one company that doesn’t try to rob it’s customers….

  • brayan alberto morote rodrigue

    q bien

  • Goku

    NVIDIA: The way its mean to be paid
    Still not as powerful as me.

  • Frickin man

    Only 5% of the World’s Population can afford this… And 1% will buy it! LOL and wtf does LMAO

  • Frickin man

    I have an idea just buy GTX 690 it’s the second best graphic card they have and does not cause
    An arm and a leg literally!!!

  • Frickin man

    Stop saying waaaay, oh, and waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much letter a

  • Some Kid


  • Dokidoki Nyannyan

    Every time a Titan-Z gets purchsed, a tree-hugger dies. The power consumption is insane but well worth it. Too bad there’s like no use for it unless you’re ready for the 4k/5k experience. But really, why is the US investing into 4K? 7K is the absolute best our eyes can see, so why not just jump ahead to that? I know, slightly off-topic but other countries like S.Korea and Japan are already jumping on-board to 7k and abandoning 4k. Guess bandwidth is too high for now 😛

  • ramr0d89

    you would have to sell 10-15 metric tons to make this possible

  • klepp0906

    Floooooop! Right on it’s face! The only reason for a card like this is surround gaming and in any OS newer than win7 – SLI either doesn’t work at all in surround, or works very very poorly.

    Trust me I know. I own 4 titans and have been harassing them to fix this for months and months. In both ffxiv and wildstar I get about 25fps (while solo)

    Biggest regret of my life (ok slight exaggeration) but a big regret nonetheless was being an nvidia fanboy and building a PC around their gpus. Set me back 10k for what supposed to hold me over for YEARS but at the end of 1 the performance is worse than a single 680 on one display. Tbh it’s worse than a single 580 lol.

    No one with half a brain will touch this with a yard stick. Nvidias getting way too greedy. Sorry guys up your piss poor csr and software for hardware alrwady on the market before you pepper us with new overpriced hardware. As if sits we pay a gargantuan premium for absolutely 0 concession elsewhere.

    GG my gaming brethren!!

  • Joe


  • Ichimaru, Gin

    depends on which 2 you have, I’m getting sick of mine I may trade you

  • Alan A


  • billgateswillgetthemforme

    Dear Bill Gates, Hi. My name is Tyler. I really want a TitanZ (or two) and it costs just a few dollars. Please get me several of these cards. Thanks a bunch! -Tyler

  • Agent Nevada

    If you get this gpu, you might not need to buy any after it, cause you’ll have all the power you’ll ever need, until wear and tear make it cease functioning

  • cccc

    So, how’s the release of titan z working out for you, nVidia? huh? huh? =)) bwhahahaha.

  • cristian

    you know you get anywhere from 400-800 for sperm donations

  • John Mellinger

    Dear CEO of Nvidia. Take your company back and leave the shareholders out of it. The days of five too ten frames per second dealing with flagship cards between Nvidia and AMD need to come to a end. Real competition blowing the competition out of the water. The Titan series gpu is just a niche market that needs to come to a halt. Bring back the glory days of when the 9800GTX was King. The industry is changing with more and more companies being open with their hardware/software. I think you should to PhysX is amazing when developers use it right. Open it up to AMD as well as gameworks to show the world that having better hardware is what makes the Card not closed off software.

  • Martin Baláž

    You got it wrong… for I can get 50 of these with someone else’s heart! 😛

  • Hans Mohawk Olsen


  • Jerry Fang

    Its probably start out @ $950 for the basic Titan Z and upwards to $1300 if they ever comes out with the hydro series.

    I take that back…. $3000…. 8-0…. cost more than my car. Lol…

  • TITAN-UP_Pro


  • Prez

    Who buys this stuff really?? These prices are ridiculous. Let’s be serious…

  • Oscar Rodriguez Parga

    I need It for play the game of solitarie!!!!

  • Miguel Pedras

    craZy craZy prices

  • Edgar A. P.

    you guys are funny. make me laugh. You know, no one needs a $3k graphics card THAT badly. Besides, I would want two. Can’t get any performance figures on the z. I’d be looking at something like a 690. I bet you can pick it up as a bargain and wait for the prices on the z to come down AND save your pennies. The 690 still gives you better raw frame rates than even the titan black. 3k is a little pricey. Haven’t sold my La Ferrari yet.

  • Alex Teusch

    Seen this? Yes we need even better and faster cards!

  • CaptinSquishy!

    $2000 more than my dell xps 8500, not worth it AT ALL unless you had a $30000 pc budget to use.

  • Kurosaki, Ichigo


  • Nick K

    You could become a sperm donor and provide 2 samples a week (the maximum visits per week) over a span of 3 months, which would generate $3,000 USD.

    How much semen: 7.44 ounces, roughly half a pint glass (on average).

    How much sperm: 7.9 billion sperm soldiers (on average).

    God speed.