Can You Save the World with GPUs? $150,000 to Help Us Find Out

by Tonie Hansen

We’re not going to tell you how to save the world. We are, however, going to recommend you use GPUs to do it.

We’re seeking submissions for our NVIDIA Global Impact Award, a $150,000 grant for research addressing the world’s most important problems.

It’s a big job. So we’re not limiting the scope of our award.

Of course, GPUs have been used to save the virtual world in countless videogames. And for years it’s been an open secret that these parallel processing powerhouses are finding their way into the hands of researchers tackling everything from cancer research to climate modeling.

Now, of course, the secret’s out. Researchers taking on disease research, medical imaging, energy efficiency, weather prediction, natural disaster response and cyber security are just a few of those we’re encouraging to apply.

What we’re looking for is a researcher or institution using our technology to get breakthrough results with a broad impact.

Candidates will be evaluated using several criteria, including innovation, social impact, public availability and effectiveness of results to date.

You can nominate yourself – or anyone you know who fits these criteria – by visiting our Global Impact Award web site and downloading our nomination form.

Submissions are due Dec. 12. Finalists will be announced March 13, and the winner will be named at our annual GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley on April 28.