Parallel Lives: Women in GPU Computing

by Linda Caplinger

Today we’re launching the Women Who CUDA campaign. Our goal is to highlight the work of women who are innovators in the area of GPU computing. As part of this effort, we’re opening up a “call for submissions.” From these, we’ll select a number for publication on our website, featuring established researchers as well as women who are just starting out in their careers.

The campaign comes two months after our GPU Technology Conference (GTC) , where we held our first annual Women@GTC meeting to help women in parallel computing connect with their peers.

CUDA Fellow Lorena A. Barber
CUDA Fellow Lorena A. Barba

Lorena Barba, a CUDA Fellow and associate professor of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University (GWU) was among the 45 people who came to the session. She suggested we continue the momentum and highlight women who work with GPUs. Barba is an advocate of open-source code for science and leads a research group at GWU in computational science and computational fluid dynamics.

We liked her idea, so we’re making it happen. “It’s a good way to remind people that women write code, participate in open-source projects, and invent things,” Barba said. “It’s important to make the technology world more attractive to female students and show them examples of women who are innovators.”

The survey is open until May 30, and then we’ll select submissions for publication on our website. Along the way, we’ll tweet about the campaign with the #WomenWhoCUDA hashtag.

To have your work considered, fill out this brief survey:

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