How Our Amazing DirectStylus Will Bring Out Your Inner Leonardo (Video)

by Will Park

Creating a quick sketch? Crafting the next Mona Lisa? You need a digital tool that can respond with the speed and subtlety of putting pencil to paper. You can’t paint a masterpiece with a mop.

Where art intersects technology: DirectStylus gives artists the flexibility they need.
Where art intersects technology: DirectStylus gives artists the flexibility they need.

That’s why artists have taken to our DirectStylus technology. Built for digital inking and drawing, it can capture small details with a fine-tipped stylus. Pressure sensitivity lets users vary the size of their line as they draw. And a smooth rubber tip makes gliding across the tablet’s surface feel natural.

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Digital artists are raving, and inundating us with samples of their work. “This is the pen technology that should be on every tablet,” says Nick Flor, film and media director at the University of New Mexico’s Reality Augmented Virtual Environments Research Lab.

Since we introduced DirectStylus last year, there’s been an outpouring of images from artists. It’s the first low-cost stylus that replicates the ease of working on paper. Artists can wield a fine-tipped stylus to capture fine details. Or they can create sketches using a number 2 pencil.

DirectStylus works with a huge array of apps available on Google Play. They include ArtFlow, Photoshop Touch, SketchBook Pro, and Auryn Ink. And one of the most popular note taking apps – Evernote – will come pre-installed on Tegra NOTE 7 tablets.

“DirectStylus offers a precise and versatile tool that’s lag free and responsive,” says ArtFlow developer Bart Janusz. “Digital painting on tablets is fun, but only with the right tools and ArtFlow on Tegra NOTE 7 is exactly that.”

DirectStylus works with a wide-array of apps.
DirectStylus works with a wide-array of apps.

Advanced features such as capacitive paintbrush support mean there’s more to come. Sensu Brush and Nomad Brush have been looking into ways to work with our technology. We can’t wait to see what artists — and developers — create next. (link to Sensu Brush’s Vimeo review of TN7 at ).

Show us your artistic chops. Browse some of the art created with DirectStylus below. Then post your own creations to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #YourMark and we’ll feature the best submission on our blog and Facebook page.