Greatest PC Games of All-Time – ‘Half-Life 2’ and ‘Portal’ – Available on SHIELD

by Jason Paul

Surprise! We announced last month that we’ve been working with Valve to bring the critically acclaimed game Portal to SHIELD. Today, we can share some more exciting news.

SHIELD owners can also download the masterpiece – Half-Life 2 from Google Play, in addition to Portal.

Yes, Half-Life 2. The winner of over 50 Game of the Year awards, multiple Game of the Decade awards, and the highest rated PC game in history. It’s now available on SHIELD.

This news is just the latest example of how we’re working hard to build a thriving ecosystem of games on the Android platform. Half-Life 2 and Portal join more than 300 SHIELD-supported Android games now available.

“NVIDIA has done a remarkable job bringing both Half-Life 2 and Portal to SHIELD,” said Doug Lombardi Vice President of Marketing at Valve. “We’re playing both games here on our SHIELDs and fans of both franchises can expect the same gameplay they’ve come to love on the PC.

We’re huge Half-Life fans. So bringing it to SHIELD was a labor for love for more than a few members of the team.

Using the utmost care, we paid attention to every detail to ensure gamers get the full PC versions natively on Android. The graphic performance is sharp; the controls are precise and natural.

In addition to landmark games such as Half-Life 2 and Portal, we’ve added a long list of new capabilities to SHIELD since its launch – including an update in April that adds the ability to remote stream games to SHIELD – now in beta.

To get started, grab a SHIELD; it’s now just $199 for a limited time only.

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  • Hannes Bartel

    Will the two games become available on other Tegra 4-based devices like the Tegra Note 7?

  • Blue Gum

    What are the settings equal to on PC and what framerate and resolution does it run at?


  • Andrew Koeppen

    I’m not seeing it in the TegraZone store right now…

  • Anzhel Bozhinov

    Nice, but I’m waiting for epic RPGs like Dragon Age Origins, Morrowind/Oblivion

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Pretty cool! Now should I buy this and take up all the storage space it needs, or continue streaming my Steam version, which works perfectly?

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    I doubt they’d be as much fun without physical controls. If you have one of those devices, you can check the store for us …

  • Brian Caulfield

    Noted. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Decisions decisions. We’re all about making sure you’ve got plenty of options.

  • kron123456789

    BTW, when Ep1/Ep2/Ep3 will be released?

  • kron123456789

    Thing is that HL2/Portal available only for Shield. But, they perfectly run on other Tegra 4-devices with external gamepads(such as Xbox 360 controller). Sideloaded, of course.

  • Seth Forbus

    I love my shield. Even before remote streaming was an option I was doing it over a VPN. Having access to my steam library at work, and all the emulators android has is AMAZING.

  • Seth Forbus

    I had to use the links at the top of the article. Even searching for them in the play store didn’t yield any results. The links are in the article though. Just pull them up on your pc, sign into your Google account and select install.

  • Sin Lee

    Slap on the newly release 128GB MicroSD card and you wouldn’t have storage space problem for a while (Unless, of course, you’re a Power Media User like me, then even a 128GB of space isn’t enough.) Yes, the SHIELD unofficially supports that size.

  • Tyler Dinsmoor

    I had been an early adopter for this product when it had first been released, but I sold it due to lack of a gamepad overlay and lack of a decent game ecosystem. Now it looks like it’s improving, but I’d much like to see a device with a higher resolution screen(1920×1200?), smaller profile gamepad, and NV’s new K1 processor in the second generation. That, and have backport support for GTX***M GPUs for streaming, (and GNU/Linux support as well).

    You’re doing good NVIDIA, keep it up, and I might just keep buying your products.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Yeah, too bad KitKat doesn’t allow file manager apps to play in that space. Sigh. I guess it could work for this game though.

  • Sin Lee

    1080P would probably be more achievable on the K1, though for the T4, it still struggles a bit. You can game in 1080P on the current SHIELD. However, it requires an external 1080P display and the HDMI-Mini to HDMI cable accessory. The SHIELD actually supports up to 4K. The output resolution is also the resolution you would be gaming on. Thus, it’s very slow and sluggish when playing any android base game on an UltraHD TV (As for GameStream via PC, the streaming can be fixated at 720P or 1080P, you can adjust them in the TegraZone settings). Input lag is extremely noticeable on 3840×2160@30hz, though.

    In my honest opinion, 720P is perfect for the 5″ screen, I also understand why they opt for that instead of 1080P. You wouldn’t get much more bedazzlement out of a 1080P resolution on a 5″ screen. Since the SHIELD already support higher resolution when connected to a proper size display that supports such resolution. It’s already perfectly thought out.

    Think about it, 720P requires less processing power, thus prolonging the life of the portable battery unit. This allows you to game longer without noticing much of a quality degradation on a 5″ screen. When you prefer quality, you can connect it to a display that would compliment the resolution increase.

  • Ameno Sagiri

    I second Anzhel’s comment.

    If you guys licensed a port for Fallout 3/New Vegas to the Shield, and got it to run nicer than this HL2 Port (I have very much noticed the frame rate dips and input lag), I would buy a Shield 2 instantly without hesitation, and I’m sure many others would as well. I’m assuming nobody could get F3 or New Vegas to run the best on the current Shield hardware, but I’m assuming it could run pretty nicely on the Shield 2, and I would definitely buy one.

  • Ameno Sagiri

    We definitely need the ability to move any game over to SD Card. I didn’t buy a 64GB SD Card for nothing. I won’t update to KitKat unless there’s a workaround which doesn’t involve tampering with hardware or rooting.

  • Anzhel Bozhinov

    I think that NVIDIA will wait until satisfactory sales of Portal/HL2. For example, PC RPG M&B: Warband (Tegra4-exclusive) has ~1500 downloads in Android Play Store, so 1500x$7-30% Google’s commission = $7400 revenue. I think that M&B launch wasn’t very successful for NVIDIA and TalesWorld.
    So, we must be patient =)

  • Blue Gum

    Dark Soul’s 2, Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect series, Some racing games.

    Though the first two will be near impossible for the current shield.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Noted! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hamza Ali

    want to comparison any two mobiles?

  • ShellyWixtedipu321

    my best friend’s step-sister makes $65 /hr on the
    laptop . She has been without a job for 5 months but last month her payment was
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  • Brian Caulfield

    Love the Dark Souls franchise. If only I had more time to play through the latest…

  • Brian Caulfield

    Can’t comment on rumors and speculation. Sorry!

  • kron123456789

    BTW, will HL2 and Portal be available on Xiaomi MiPad?

  • Adam

    Can we expect to see more Shield game announcements soon? I don’t own a Shield yet, but I think that will be changing shortly.

  • Cobe Garcia

    Both games are in tegra zone on the tegra note 7. But they both have a detail saying they need a controller.

  • PKM

    Except 1080p on 5 inch screen looks nearly the same as 720p. 720p on a 5inch is nearly a retina display anyway, they could increase it slighty, but going up to 1080p would be a waste of power that could be spared for games instead. The only reason you get so many phones with 1080p screen nowdays is because the 1080p sticker looks impressive and the placebo effect kicks in. I used to own an Xperia S (4.3 inch, 720p 340ppi) and now I own Xperia Z (5 inch, 1080p, 440ppi) the difference in sharpness is tiny.