NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 Powers Xiaomi’s First Tablet

by Will Park

Fast. Xiaomi does everything fast.

They sell phones fast. They develop blazing fast devices. Its Tegra 4-powered Mi3 was the world’s fastest phone at launch. They’re growing fast, too: Xiaomi is now one of the world’s largest smartphone vendors.

And now, they’re the first to build a tablet with our out-of-this-world fast Tegra K1 mobile processor.

Launched today in Beijing, the MiPad is the culmination of four years of planning and hard work. The Mi Pad features a 7.9-inch display with 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. Its 6700 mAh battery means its good for up to 1300 hours of standby time, 86 hours of music playback, or 11 hours of video streaming. It comes with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB, or 64 GB on-board memory – and a microSD slot for expandable storage. It also captures amazing photos and perfect selfies with 8 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked together. Last year, we worked with Xiaomi on its flagship Mi3 smartphone – the first Tegra 4 phone. Xiaomi sold 100,000 of them in under 90 seconds last October.

This year, Xiaomi is moving into tablets.Inside the Mi Pad: our 192 core mobile processor, Tegra K1. The ‘K’ in K1 stands for Kepler. That’s the parallel processing GPU architecture found in the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

As a result, Tegra K1 offers visual and parallel computing capabilities never seen in mobile devices before. Tegra K1 supports the most advanced graphics technologies – including OpenGL 4.4, OpenGL ES 3.1, and DX12.

Those are the same standards used in PCs and next-gen consoles. That means developers can bring the latest games to mobile devices. Tegra K1 already runs Unreal Engine 4, the world’s most advanced game engine. So, games with intense graphics, like Trine 2, play flawlessly.


The Mi Pad will be available in China starting in June as an open beta – select fans will get the option to go hands-on with pre-production units. It will retail for around $240 (16 GB) and $270 (64 GB).

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  • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

    Hope we can buy this in the US…

  • Levent Cinar

    Holy s######… THAT PRICEEEEEEE! I hate android tablets, never bought one since unuseful, but that one, I WAAAANT

  • domahman

    impressive..why not let xiomi make the shield2?

  • Brian Caulfield

    Sweeter words were never spoken!

  • ElectroHau5

    The Apple is strong with this one 😛 But that is a nice tab for the money!

  • Jaocagomez

    Wow… such power.

  • domahman

    Where is the shield2 pre-order? I hope it’s has bigger screen and smaller bezel. It could use the same housing but improve the screen size. Anyhow, it’s already determined by now, let’s see it!

  • Letrico

    You have missed out a big part of life brother, come and join us.

  • 灯罩

    In China,we have a common saying “Xiaomi is very good , but at the sametime their products are very hard to buy .”

  • Luiz Saint

    Come to Brazil xiaomi, it ill be very success here. Next Gen like ps4 in your tablet, man the future is now.

  • E8hffff


  • Sin Lee

    $270… I’ll take a few dozen please.

  • ShellyWixtedipu321

    my mother
    recently bought an awesome green Toyota Avalon Hybrid just by working from a
    home computer… look at here now F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  • Brian Caulfield

    Sweeter words were never spoken.

  • Levent Cinar

    Thanks for the invite, but my thoughts are :
    1-My android phone does as much already
    2-just to read books or for media playback, only a cheap tablet is enough but useless for the rest since slow
    3-the surface pro, japanese version, that i own is perfeeeect, gorgeous, does everything and is a no compromise device…but a bit heavy

    Here enters the xiaomi pad: high end specs + big fan of nvidia + light + battery life… Its the only compelling android tab for me

  • North01

    Why was Titanfall and Watch Dogs shown in the video? Are they also running on Tegra K1?

  • MaxBy Marc

    Nvidia make a spacial app or plays to maximize that new tecnology in andorid?
    For example one exclusive market for that processor?

  • http://www.zodiacsoulmate.me/ Mingyao Liu

    This is probably going to be the Tegra Note 2

  • Brian Caulfield

    They’re running on Kepler, the same GPU architecture you’ll find in Tegra K1.

  • Roy

    You may order IT online from http://www.hy-techhandyman.com
    Outside China its price is USD 425.00 includes shipping.,, and is delivered within 7 work days after confirmed secure payment via PayPal.

  • Roy

    You may order IT online from http://www.hy-techhandyman.com
    Outside China its price is USD 425.00 includes shipping.,, and is delivered within 7 work days after confirmed secure payment via PayPal.

  • Tert Fret

    iPad Mini 2 + iPhone 5c????????

  • LuvLuv

    LOL, No way.
    Xiaomi products are famous for sold-out at launch. And out of stock 6 months following even in china. Good luck you can smuggle one to the US.

  • LuvLuv

    LOL 在香港要等一年

  • LuvLuv

    iphone 5c copy Xiaomi 2
    xiaomi have color plastic cover years before apple.
    and xiaomi have colored replaceable batteries!

  • Roy

    Am not in the US. Been there & Done with IT.
    … want to smuggle a USD 425 device?
    And I bet you never been to China.
    Still you seem to know all bout China.

  • kron123456789

    So? I’m sure that Serious Sam 3 will be released on Tegra K1, but what about other games in that video?

  • North01

    Thanks for the confirmation. I understand they share the same Kepler architecture, and I’m sure if given the opportunity those games would boot up on a K1 device, but I think it would reduce confusion if only games that are currently playable (or will become playable) on Tegra K1 had been shown.

  • Mozaik

    Off course its nice tab , thanks to apple.

  • Mozaik

    Have you ever used apple computer in 2000 .you will understand it.

  • William Ernesto Cornejo Sanche

    NVidia, please launch a tegra note K1 with 4g soon… I have already been postponing my mobile and tablet search until you will launch the K1 in the Americas…

  • JT

    Does anyone know (a) when The Shield will be upgraded with a Tegra K1; (b) if we will be able to purchase a Xiaomi MiPad w a Tegra K1 in the United States…and to both questions WHEN?

  • MaDDogLV
  • A_Noid

    Would LOVE to have the 64GB one. Get them here!

  • Ikben Zeker

    I’ve been waiting also

  • Anthony Evans

    Thanks to apple? Without apple it would just look like somethign else with the same price.

  • How_delightful

    I would rather wait for Japan to start selling anything with K1.

    Its a trust issue.

  • metronome

    Wow they’re finally out!,

    You can pick em up, I can’t wait to get mine… so glad it’s a 7″ screen so its actually portable… 😀


  • Андрей МАЛАХОВ
  • Sathish Guru

    Will the DirectStylus 2 works on this MiPad?