If You Build It, We Will Come: Don’t Miss Us at Maker Faire

by Brian Caulfield

A 25-foot mechanical octopus will shoot flames into the air. Giant soap bubbles and robotic drones will float through the skies. Vendors will sell sticky sweet funnel cakes and cold beer.

But the biggest attraction at this weekend’s Maker Faire will be the people. Do-it-yourselfers. Steam punks. Geeks and gamers. Elderly early-adopters and adventurous toddlers.

Say hello to our little friend: meet us at Maker Faire and get this free poster.
Say hello to our little friend: meet us at Maker Faire and get this free poster.

Some turn scooters and sheet metal into cupcake cars — complete with sprinkle-adorned hats. Others mix Diet Coke and Mentos to display the truths of science. They ask hard questions. They stick their fingers into stuff. They’re our kind of people.

Update: don’t miss our video coverage live from Maker Faire 2014, embedded below. 

We’ll be aiming to arm as many of the show’s estimated 115,000 attendees as we can with our technologies.

On sale: Our Jetson TK1 development kit. Jetson TK1 puts our 192-core Tegra K1 mobile processor into a Linux-bootable machine. It’s portable, powerful, and equipped with plenty of ports. For inspiration, we’ll be showing off an object tracking system built with Jetson TK1 by General Electric. We’re selling Jetson TK1 for $192, or a dollar a computing core.

We’ll also be demonstrating a mini-manufacturing ecosystem. A wall-moutned PC equipped with one of our graphics chips will shows off our design capabilities. To show its stuff, we’re hooking it up to a 3D printer. The result: a stream of custom cases for our Jetson TK1 development kit.

Of course, we couldn’t forget gamers. We’re giving away blueprint you can use to build your own gaming PCs.

We’ll also demo some of the weirder capabilities built into SHIELD, our handheld gaming portable. We’ll show SHIELD controlling gadgets that roll and gizmos that fly.

So gather up your squirmy kids and your difficult questions, grab a beer or pick up a funnel cake, and stop by. Just wipe your fingers before pawing the exhibits.

We’ll be at Maker Faire all weekend at booth #802.