Big Beauty: NVIDIA Powers World’s Largest Ultra-HD 4K Screen at Kentucky Derby

by Greg Estes

Mint juleps. Outlandish hats. Outsized bets. Amid all the distractions of race day, Kentucky Derby attendees once had a hard time catching the action. No longer.

That’s thanks to the largest ultra-HD 4K video screen in the world. The Big Board, as it’s known, sits 170 feet off the ground and measures 15,224 square feet. That’s the size of three NBA basketball courts.

To prepare for its unveiling, Churchill Downs used a 4K camera to capture pre-recorded content and race day footage. The race organizers re-designed their graphics to work in 4K.

Big day, big screen: with a total resolution of 4160×2176, the Big Board needs a lot of, um, horsepower.

Longtime NVIDIA partner Vizrt designed a custom control interface to manage the 4K content in real time. The screen can even support split-screen views to show live or recorded video, images, and data at the same time.

With a total resolution of 4160×2176, The Big Board needs a lot of, um, horsepower. That’s why Vizrt used our Quadro K5000 GPUs to keep The Big Board running.

Now attendees can experience the race like never before. And sports displays have a new standard.

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