Perfect Combos: Coffee & Cognac, Whisky & Water, G-SYNC & GeForce

by Melody Tu

Champagne and caviar. Coffee and cognac. Whisky and water. Some things were meant to be together.

That’s why PC gaming is experiencing a renaissance. PC gamers can take do more than take advantage of the very latest technologies – they can pair them with other new technologies for an unparalleled experience.

Take NVIDIA G-SYNC. G-SYNC works by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in GeForce GTX-powered PCs to eliminate screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag. The pairing results in the smoother gameplay and faster scene loading that gamers have long demanded.

This combination has motivated our partners to make gaming PCs even better, giving gamers the edge they need to achieve better results.

The result: Acer, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision, MSI, Thermaltake and Zotac are all showing off systems that take advantage of what G-SYNC and GeForce have to offer.

That’s not the only combo we’re bringing to Computex. We’re showcasing a suite of technologies with exciting new features. They include GameStream, which lets gamers enjoy PC games on new kinds of devices. And ShadowPlay, which lets gamers share gameplay live with friends or on services such as Twitch.

Another technology: GeForce Experience, which has more than 30 million users. GFE has been described as “an incredible bit of software and important for PC gaming” by PC Gamer.

Put these new technologies together, and you have a PC gaming experience that can’t be matched.