How a Black and Green Harley Slashed One NVIDIAN’s Commute in World’s Worst Traffic

by Brian Caulfield

Leo De Biase can’t afford to waste an hour every morning motoring through São Paolo’s frenetic traffic. It’s the world’s worst, according to Time magazine.

And he’s a busy guy. As NVIDIA’s Latin America PR manager, he helps get the word out about NVIDIA and its products to more than half a billion people.

Commuting in style.
Commuting in style.

So, to cut his commute to our downtown office, he swapped his Volkswagen Tiguan SUV for a Harley-Davidson Fat Bob he purchased last October, and started saving 45 minutes each way.

Then, in March, he had his U.S.-built road bike painted black and green – with NVIDIA’s logo emblazoned on the air filter. The effect, with the bike’s blacked-out trim, has just the right amount of swagger. He figures the work cost him about $5,000 on top of the money he spent on the squat, stylish bike.

Everyone wants to check out Leo's bike.
Everyone wants to check out Leo’s bike.

The result is more than just a shorter commute. Leo gets free advertising, too. “People roll down the windows and give me a shout out,” Leo says. “They take pictures, stuff like that.”

Of course, the biggest fan might be Leo. He’s been a videogamer for more than a decade. Before joining NVIDIA two years ago, he worked for game publishers catering to gamers.

He’s also a long-time biker. His last bike was a Yamaha. But he’s always dreamed of owning a Harley. And his 9-year old son loves it. “He went crazy with the bike,” Leo says. “He knows all about NVIDIA, he’s crazy about the company.”

One down, half a billion more potential customers to go.

Leo and the crew at TKTK.
Leo and fellow Harley enthusiasts.