As Android Auto Hits the Road, We’re Ready to Roll

by Danny Shapiro

Scratch just about anywhere beneath the surface of Google I/O’s news about Android, and you’ll find NVIDIA and our Tegra mobile processor.

Among the highlights of the morning keynote, Android Auto allows those with an Android smartphone to interact with popular apps in an easier, safer way. Drivers can use Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Play Music and others with less distraction.

Android Auto will enable highly simplified interaction with apps, including fully voice-driven messaging and navigation capabilities.

Let’s roll: automakers are signing up for the Open Automotive Alliance.

Little wonder, then, that more partners were announced as joining the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), which we helped found early this year, together with Google, Audi, General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai. The OAA noted that some 25 auto brands have signed on to equip their cars with Android Auto, including NVIDIA powered cars from Bentleys to VWs.

Android Auto is the latest sign mobile technology is about more than a device you can put in your pocket. Mobile technologies are moving into televisions. They’re powering set top boxes. And they’re guiding next-generation robots.

We’re ready to build mobile technology into cars, too. Our Tegra visual computing module (VCM), for example, is a mobile computer that automakers can slide into their latest models. As a result, cars that take years to design can hit the streets with technologies that being utilized in phones and tablets.

And because VCM’s software is updateable, new capabilities can be added, and old ones enhanced, after a car has rolled off the lot.

Technologies like Android Auto and VCM promise to make staying connected while you drive safer and easier. Look for more Tegra-powered car models from our partners. They’ll get Tegra’s powerful visual computing capabilities that will ensure great graphics and incredible responsiveness.