How GRID Puts Intergraph’s Powerful Engineering Software Where It’s Needed Most

by Jeff Sporn

Frigid tundra. Open ocean. Remote mountain ranges.

Engineers designing oil rigs or large-scale power plants often work from far-flung places for long stretches. That makes having the ability to design and review plans from anywhere, on any device a necessity.

Intergraph knows these challenges better than anyone. Its software like SmartPlant Review and Intergraph Smart 3D is used by engineers to understand some of the world’s most complex data. So it teamed up with NVIDIA and Citrix to put more of its software’s power in more places.

Intergraph's software is used in some of the most demanding environments on Earth.
Intergraph’s software is used in some of the most demanding environments on Earth.

Centrally deploying Intergraph products has long been a challenge in the power, process and marine industries. That’s especially true for software with 3D information like SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D.

We built NVIDIA’s GRID vGPU for challenges like this. Our aim is to deliver the best performance for graphics-intensive applications for VDI employments. GRID technology combined with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop enables teams to share GPUs across users in virtual desktop environments.

Previously, SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D product users were unable to use virtualized solutions.  The combined Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID solution frees processing time for non-graphical activities in the SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D products. And it frees up new resources for more graphics rendering.

Smart 3D, now certified for NVIDIA GRID, utilizes GRID K2 GPU technology to deliver interactive 3D visualization for a variety of engineering applications. Key to this workflow is allowing teams to secure their data in the data center, centralizing design iterations and keeping teams on the same page.

Now that NVIDIA GRID and Citrix support Smart 3D and SmartPlant Review to run remotely, it’s led to more collaboration and faster iteration on designs. That means companies are able to respond to their customers quicker.

The result: Smart 3D and SmartReview now run remotely even with intense graphics workloads. Engineers and designers can access their data and applications from any location on the device that best suits the project at hand. And they can get the same fidelity on the road as they’d have at their workstation.