Something New Is Coming, But You Gotta Game It To Get It

by Roger Evoy

Today, The Ultimate Quest begins, ahead of something really special that you’ll hear about on Tuesday.

The Ultimate Quest, a tweet-based text adventure, will span five days and immerse you in a brave new world filled with powerful technologies and mysterious forces.

Ultimate Quest: A Tweet-Based Text Adventure Game
This will be a challenging game built for our most skilled GeForce gamers.

The first to beat the game will be the first to get the new release – whatever it may be.

The Ultimate Quest begins today. Play it here:

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  • realjjj

    So Shield Tablet , we know how it looks ,the dimensions, the weight , the battery capacity, we can guess the screen size, so just tell us the resolution and the price already.

    nm all the details are out and it’s so not good enough.
    just 8 inch 1920×1200 in that body? the bezels are way huge, you could fit 8.8 inch in that.
    it’s too thick and heavy, no wifi ac and the price is at least 50$ too high but given the other problems it’s more than 50$ too much. The controller at 60 is again way too much.

  • Caleb James
  • funky親爺

    thank you