SHIELD Portable: We’re Still Selling It, Supporting It, Updating It… and Gaming With It

by Jason Paul

Nope. We’re not ending the life of SHIELD portable. Not by a long shot.

SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable are two separate products within an overall SHIELD family.  Both are continuing to ship and will be fully supported by NVIDIA.

The current generation SHIELD portable remains one of the fastest, most capable mobile devices on the market, offering an incredible Android and PC streaming gaming experience.

With new game releases such as Portal and Half Life 2, and our ongoing SHIELD software upgrades, we continue to add value and bring new capabilities to the SHIELD portable.

Today, we unveiled SHIELD tablet, the next member of the SHIELD family. We are committed to both products and will continue to provide unwavering support and ongoing over-the-air SHIELD software updates.

The next update is coming on July 29 which brings SHIELD wireless controller compatibility, along with the new SHIELD Hub app and GameStream enhancements to the SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable.

Look for more details in the coming days.

The SHIELD family: the SHIELD portable, the SHIELD tablet, and the SHIELD controller.