SHIELD Portable: We’re Still Selling It, Supporting It, Updating It… and Gaming With It

by Jason Paul

Nope. We’re not ending the life of SHIELD portable. Not by a long shot.

SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable are two separate products within an overall SHIELD family.  Both are continuing to ship and will be fully supported by NVIDIA.

The current generation SHIELD portable remains one of the fastest, most capable mobile devices on the market, offering an incredible Android and PC streaming gaming experience.

With new game releases such as Portal and Half Life 2, and our ongoing SHIELD software upgrades, we continue to add value and bring new capabilities to the SHIELD portable.

Today, we unveiled SHIELD tablet, the next member of the SHIELD family. We are committed to both products and will continue to provide unwavering support and ongoing over-the-air SHIELD software updates.

The next update is coming on July 29 which brings SHIELD wireless controller compatibility, along with the new SHIELD Hub app and GameStream enhancements to the SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable.

Look for more details in the coming days.

The SHIELD family: the SHIELD portable, the SHIELD tablet, and the SHIELD controller.


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  • Brett Day

    How about giving us the latest version of Android too

  • EJ_Su

    May I suggest that you make the original SHIELD doubles as a bluetooth controller, so

    A. if current owners get the SHIELD tablet, they don’t have to buy another controller.
    B. don’t have to throw away the OG SHIELD when the specs become obsolete.

  • kron123456789

    What do you mean? It’s already 4.4.2. 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 are just bugfixes for Nexus devices.

  • Vcoleiro1

    This doesn’t answer the question everyone is asking. The question is whether there will be a Shield 2 (handheld)? Yes/No

  • mikegonzalez2k

    They already stated Shield 2 is being developed. It will have a Tegra K1 as well.

  • james_zhao555


  • MasterKyle

    nvidia said when shield first came out they would make a new one everytime they make a new soc that was from the ceo himself

  • Kixar

    They’ve also stated it will be ready for the Android L upgrade once it gets here.

  • Vcoleiro1

    That’s true, I remember that. However, they have launched a new Shield with their latest SOC. The Shield tablet. Thus the question .

  • Matt

    When I heard the Shield 2 was coming, I was hoping it would be an updated version of the Shield Portable featuring the Tegra K1, but sadly this wasn’t the case. Having spent many hours playing games on the go with the Shield Portable, it’s not going to be very practical with the Shield Tablet. How do I play games on the Shield tablet while standing at the bus stop or on the train?

    I hope that Nvidia release a Shield Portable 2 or a game controller where the Shield tablet inside, similar to the Wii U gamepad or even the gamepad controller that’s available for the Razer Edge. If not, then it’s going to be really disappointing for Nvidia.

  • Victor Johnson

    Sadly (although I don’t really care), they only make one type of Shield device for each GPU they release.
    Tegra 4: Shield Portable.
    K1: Shield Tablet.
    D1: Maybe the Shield Portable 2? Who knows, they might make it a phone or change the structure of things a little bit. If that’s the case, then I love that because this company is really showing innovation.


    Heard borderlands 1 & 2 plus 4 other games are coming July 29th my body lol with new grid beta update read on the NVIDIA page shows borderlands 2 playing on the OG shield and said it would be part of the new update and new shield tablet release,hopes it true we need new grid beta games soooo bad!

  • 3Rton

    “Today, we unveiled SHIELD tablet, the next member of the SHIELD family. We are committed to both products and will continue to provide unwavering support and ongoing over-the-air SHIELD software updates.”

    I think you can take this meaning that both product lines (part of the bigger Shield family) are being developed together side by side. So yes I would also assume like MasterKyle that there will be Shield handheld for the K1.

    Also EVGA Note 7 Is basically predecessor of Shield tablet from the Tegra 4 in everything but name. If I had any evidence I’d even claim they used Note 7 as platform for testing most of the things they had planned for Shield Tab. I mean seriously dabbler, direct stylus, 247 HDR cameras, proprietary software….
    Not to mention Shield brings more storage, LTE support, more resolution, power…. In every way you can look at it Shield Tab is successor to Note 7

  • Brian Caulfield

    Can’t comment on rumors and speculation, obviously; we are still selling, supporting, and updating the SHIELD portable, however!

  • Joe

    Hardware update, or just software?

  • John Davids

    Will there be a SHIELD Portable 2? Yes or No.

  • Andreas

    “The next update is coming on July 29 which brings SHIELD wireless controller compatibility, along with the new SHIELD Hub app and GameStream enhancements to the SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable. – See more at:

    So far I’ve got no update information on my Shield Portable or found any informations on a new firmware. Is it really coming on 29th July (yesterday)? 😮

  • Toyz

    Thank you so much Nvidia, I just recently purchased the shield portable. I was speculative at the beginning that the device is about a year old but still went for it and I love it. I got even more depressed when I heard about the shield tablet. But everything seems to work out

  • Brian Caulfield

    Wish I could give you a yes/no answer! But I can’t comment on rumors, speculation, or stuff that hasn’t been announced.

  • Brian Caulfield

    We’ve disclosed the fact there’s a software update coming July 29th!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Wish I could give you a yes or no answer. But I can’t comment on unannounced products, rumors, speculation, or the existence of aliens. But very much appreciate the question!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Many thanks for your feedback. Rest assured we’re still supporting the SHIELD tablet. Let us know what you think of the upcoming software update!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Thanks for the suggestion. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

  • John Davids

    Boo! 🙂

    I am VERY excited to have a grown-up Game Boy in the form of a SHIELD 2 Portable powered by K1. Let me know, I plan on pre-ordering at least 3 for the family 🙂

  • Brian Caulfield

    Can’t say yes or no, but thanks for following our updates!

  • Justin

    Yeah I think that would be the best idea. I think Nvidia made the Shield Tablet knowing a lot of people wanted a pure Android device with the capabilities of the Shield Portable. Next logical step is taking the screen part of the SP and making it into a 5-6 inch handset/phablet at 720 to 1080p resolution, microUSB, microHDMI and microSD; with a hinge and dock connector on the new Shield Portable controller. New SP controller also having the same WiFi Direct compatibility with Tablet like the new Wireless controller.

  • Falenone

    Please Tegra K1 for portable. I don’t like tablet for gaming. I can do it with my phone too, smaller screen but same thing.

  • Matthew Tasker

    Here’s a simple idea for Shield Portable : Make it available to people outside the US ! I mean why is it that the Tablet is being sold in Europe and not the OG Shield ? There’s no logic behind that ? Nvidia’s missing out big time. No-one likes unfavorable region exclusivities.

  • S1B

    Could Nvidia, please release the Shield Portable in the rest of the world aswell? I’d rather have a portable, all-in-one shield than a tablet and seperate controller. I bet I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  • Matthew Anderson

    Is it possible to use the Shield Wireless controller on PC. If not I would really like it to be possible. I’d prefer to use a Nvidia Controller that is designed for PC gaming over the Xbox 360 controller that I have to use a ugly adapter for. If nothing else a custom PC controller that has a touchpad would be extremely useful. I’ve used the PS4 controller on PC and it helps with the seemless experience when a prompt pops up and I can close out of it using the controller.