SHIELD Tablet: First Mobile Device to Stream Real-Time Gaming to Twitch

by Patrick Beaulieu

Get ready to put on a show.

We’ve built Twitch – the world’s leading video community for gamers – right into the new SHIELD Tablet. Mobile Android users can now broadcast live gameplay to friends and fans worldwide.

Gamers have made Twitch one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms, with more than a million broadcasters and 50 million unique viewers every month. Its average user watches more than 106 minutes of video each day.

Broadcast and record your games with the touch of a button.

Capturing gameplay so that it can be shared on services like Twitch is why we built ShadowPlay into the SHIELD tablet. ShadowPlay technology comes from our GeForce Experience PC technology. It lets you record your greatest gaming moments and share them with friends – or with the world – however you please.

Thanks to ShadowPlay, virtually any Android game running on the SHIELD tablet can be broadcast to Twitch with built-in support for the SHIELD tablet’s front-facing 5MP camera, microphone and chat overlays. Now you can broadcast and record your games with the touch of a button. No need for external capture hardware.

All this makes the SHIELD tablet with ShadowPlay a must-have for Twitch users – and for anyone who likes to share their love of gaming.