NYU Explores Frontier of Data Science, Joins More Than a Dozen New CUDA Centers

by Chandra Cheij

The amount of data in the world is growing exponentially. Hard-drive and cloud storage capacity is on a similar trajectory. Internet speeds keep increasing. There’s only one problem: the human brain can hardly keep up.

That’s where “deep learning” comes in. Soon, most of the world’s knowledge will live in machines. And these machines – high-powered computer systems – will glean insights from the mountains of raw information.

So it’s not surprising that New York University – a leader in the field of deep learning and other data sciences – is among the dozen institutions we’ve added over the past quarter to our roster of CUDA Research and Teaching Centers.

They now number nearly 400 in 50-plus countries. Their goal: perform ground-breaking research and prepare scientists, researchers and engineers to use CUDA, the parallel programming model used to increase computing performance of GPU accelerator-based systems.

The New Frontier of Data Science

NYU, a pioneer in the application of computing tools to drive discovery in data sciences, recently launched its Center for Data Science. It serves as a training ground for future data scientists focused on advancing fields as disparate as astronomy, genomics, medicine, physics and political science.

Its founding director, Yann LeCun, has worked on deep learning methods since the 1980s, and is director of AI Research at Facebook. He invented the convolutional neural network model, which has become the industry and academic standard for image and video understanding, document recognition, human-computer interaction and speech recognition.

CUDA Research Center NYU
Data Science for Cities: NYU investigates economic activity, mobility patterns and more by analyzing half a billion taxi trips with GPUs.

CUDA and GPUs have boosted the power of computing systems designed to run deep learning applications, allowing them to handle dramatically larger datasets. Taking advantage of these technologies, NYU plans to make further advances in data science by speeding up model evaluations and learning how to train the models faster.

A  CUDA Baker’s Dozen

CUDA Research and Teaching Centers are at the forefront of innovation using CUDA and NVIDIA GPUs. As well as NYU, we’ve recently named 13 other institutions from around the world CUDA Research and Teaching Centers.

CUDA Research Centers embrace GPU computing across research fields. They get access to events with key researchers and academics, an NVIDIA technical liaison and specialized training sessions.

  • New York University (U.S.)
  • Plymouth University (U.K.)
  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)
  • University of Franche Comté (France)
  • University of Science & Technology (China)
  • Wayne State University (U.S.)

New CUDA Teaching Centers

CUDA Teaching Centers ready tens of thousands of students graduating each year to take advantage of the power of GPUs. They get teaching kits, textbooks and software licenses. They also get NVIDIA CUDA architecture-enabled GPUs for teaching labs and discounts for extra hardware.

  • Clemson University (U.S.)
  • DHA Suffa University (Pakistan)
  • Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (India)
  • Oklahoma State University (U.S.)
  • Sun Yat-Sen University (China)
  • Université des Sciences et Technologies de Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)
  • University of Science & Technology of China (China)

For more information on NVIDIA research activities and these programs, visit the NVIDIA Academic Programs website.