Costumes. Craziness. And lots of NVIDIA Joy at China’s Largest Gaming Celebration

by Brian Caulfield

Crazy costumes. Wild new technologies. And tens of thousands of fans eager to connect with each other about all things gaming. Gaming culture is truly global – and China has quickly become one of its strongholds.

More than 250,000 gamers crowded into the Shanghai New International Expo Center over the weekend for the twelfth annual ChinaJoy gamer gathering.

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Gamers got hands on with NVIDIA's latest technologies - and some of their favorite games - at ChinaJoy.
Gamers got hands on with NVIDIA’s latest technologies – and some of their favorite games – at ChinaJoy.

Our fans – known throughout China as Nfans – came by the thousands. We reached out to fans before the show to alert them to NVIDIA’s presence at the show, inviting gamers from around China to participate. At the show, Nfans were invited to share their experience with other gamers.

At our booth, gamers got to sample the latest NVIDIA technologies, playing the games on GeForce-equipped PCs, checking out monitors featuring our stutter-free G-SYNC display technology, and ogling our SHIELD portable and SHIELD gaming tablet.

But ChinaJoy is more than just a celebration for gamers – it’s also a venue for the people who create games, and gaming hardware – to talk about gaming.

Behind the scenes, NVIDIA showcased everything from mobile gaming to cloud gaming at the event, briefing press on the broad range of notebooks featuring our new GeForce GTX 800M mobile GPUs, and speaking about how our new mobile processor – Tegra K1 – will bring PC-quality graphics to home digital entertainment.

We also participated in a press session with the developers behind two of China’s hottest games – “Monster Hunter” and “Moonlight Blade.” Both of these games take advantage of NVIDIA’s technologies.

The goal: to help developers deliver the kind of experience that will keep gamers coming by the trends of thousands to events like ChinaJoy.