Autodesk and NVIDIA GRID: Full STEAM Ahead

by Victoria Rege

Chances are if you’re living in it, driving in it, sitting on it or working with it, it was designed using an Autodesk product. The company’s software tools help design a vast array of products in the world. Now the company wants to help transform the way we engage and educate our children.

Despite the ubiquity of Autodesk products in industry, many educators and learning institutions aren’t able to take advantage of them due to outdated computers, tablets and other devices. With NVIDIA GRID virtualization technology, a solution now exists. And Saint Lawrence Academy, in Santa Clara, Calif., is one of the first schools to use it to run graphics-heavy applications via the cloud.

Next week at SIGGRAPH, Steve Vasko, global industry manager for media and entertainment education programs at Autodesk, will talk about how pairing Autodesk’s software with NVIDIA GRID can bring new life to classrooms and labs, such as Saint Lawrence Academy.

Saint Lawrence Academy
Making the grade: The Saint Lawrence Academy is using NVIDIA GRID to run graphics-intensive Autodesk apps via the cloud.

As part of the Autodesk Education team, Vasko helps educators and schools – from middle schools to higher education – take advantage of free access to Autodesk’s professional 3D design software and rich learning resources both in and outside of the classroom.

The big idea: teach the technology and concepts that lead to employment in in STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math) and design-related fields such as the media and entertainment, architecture, engineering and digital arts.

Vasko’s talk is scheduled for NVIDIA’s Visual Computing Theater (booth 1408) at the SIGGRAPH professional graphics conference in Vancouver on Wednesday, Aug. 13, at 4:40 pm PT.

He’ll cover how schools can integrate Autodesk software, curriculum, professional development and certification into their classrooms to enhance their existing courses. Educators and their IT departments are encouraged to attend to learn what’s possible and meet with their colleagues to discuss this important topic.

And he’ll be just one of the speakers we’re featuring in our theater. Open during the show exhibition hours to all attendees, the theater will feature a dozen in-depth talks each day, Tuesday through Thursday, from NVIDIA experts and partners such as Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of Otoy; David Randle, general manager at Bunkspeed; and Florian Hecht, technical director at Pixar.

Check out our full schedule of talks. And be sure to drop by our booth at the show. It will be packed with new technologies.