Tegra K1 Transforming Chromebooks From The Inside Out

by Gaurav Agarwal

When NVIDIA looks at entering new markets, we like to move into areas where we can innovate and where our products can help solve hard problems. With today’s announcement of the Acer Chromebook 13, we’re achieving both.

Acer Chromebook 13
Acer Chromebook 13 is the world’s first Tegra K1 Chromebook and has a record-breaking battery life of 13 hours.

The Acer Chromebook 13 is the industry’s first Chromebook with our NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. It offers customers unmatched graphics performance, record-setting 13-hour battery life and breezy multi-tasking performance, all in an ultra-mobile form factor.

The Chromebook phenomenon surprised many with its swift rise to popularity, and now people are expecting more from the devices. When powered by the Tegra K1, the Chromebook experience is better than ever:

  • Tegra K1’s breakthrough power efficiency gives Chromebooks incredibly long battery life, and silent, slim, fanless designs, which are true measures of any mobile device’s portability.
  • People rarely use computers for just one thing at a time. We might be browsing multiple websites while streaming audio and running productivity apps. Tegra K1’s quad-core CPU has more cores available than the majority of Chromebook processors, so you can run all your favorite tasks without missing a beat. And you can do so faster than on any other mobile processor on the market.
  • Lots of schools use Chromebooks, but mostly for mundane activities like spreadsheets and quizzes. With the arrival of a new wave of 3D interactive educational websites, Tegra K1’s best-in-class GPU performance is transforming the Chromebook into a powerful interactive learning tool.  
  • The web is rapidly becoming a graphically rich, visual environment, thanks in part to the wide adoption of WebGL. Tegra K1 delivers the raw graphics power that these visual environments demand.
  • We game on all our devices, so why should a Chromebook be any different? With the upcoming launch of addicting games like Miss Take and Oort, along with the promise of great titles thanks to the adoption of WebGL in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, the future of Chromebooks is looking really fun.
NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processer
Tegra K1 provides Chromebooks with unmatched graphics performance, record-setting battery life and rapid multi-tasking performance.

Acer Chromebook 13

We’re entering this market with Acer, the #1 player in the Chromebook space. With the Acer Chromebook 13 priced at only $279, the world’s first Chromebook powered by our Tegra K1 processor may also be the world’s best deal.

It’s a high-performance, power-sipping marvel, delivering well over 50 percent more battery life than the average top-selling Chromebook. Plus, Tegra K1 stays cool without a fan, so the system is completely silent.

It’s sized at a comfortable 13 inches, which means you get a full-size keyboard and a much larger track pad and display (available in 1080p) than previous models. And to top it all off, it’s one of the thinnest Chromebooks on the market at only 18mm.

Available for presale now at Amazon.com and BestBuy.com, the Acer Chromebook 13 will be among the most feature packed, yet affordable Chromebooks on the market.

With the Tegra K1 inside, it’s a screaming deal.

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  • John Gallagher

    Wow this is actually really amazing! I look forward to testing out it’s performance for myself!

  • Tim

    Just pre-ordered mine from Amazon. When can we expect them to start shipping?

  • domahman

    Maybe you can teach the kids to program using cuda?

  • Brian Caulfield

    Let us know what you think when you get your hands on it!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Fantastic suggestion!

  • Prox

    Will this be available in Black?

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    Only available in pristine White for now

  • domahman

    This is pretty much shield chromebook, right? so, when are we going to get a mini-grid; – chromebook to desktop virtualization using the power of the gpu?

  • domahman

    maybe the schools can also do a mini grid.

  • http://tunaman.me/ Tuna man

    Is this better for Using Photoshop CC, 3D Max.

  • Al Gepé

    “Tour guide” is just a panorama of a house. /doublefacepalm/ IT’S VERSAILLES!!

  • vrm

    with a touch screen, it would have been perfect (for the coming android apps on chromebooks).

  • HotelQuebec

    Douche white is such a horrible color if only offering one option.

  • HotelQuebec

    Is this K1 32-bit or 64-bit? If the 1080p display on the 13.3″ is good I’ll consider getting one but the display has always been a weak point of Chromebooks.

  • Brian Caulfield

    It’s the 32-bit version.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • fteoOpty64

    Is there a way to load fully Ubuntu on this machine ?. Or is the bootloader completely locked for now ?. Considering the NV K1 Development board ships with Linux, I do not see why an option for Ubuntu is not feasible. Any ideas or suggestions ?.

  • Victor Johnson

    It would be awesome if you added Java support!

  • Oliver Lopez Felix

    i like it cause it doesn’t show fingerprints as much as black does and im not a douche.

  • Oliver Lopez Felix

    wait until they release it first… but i guess you can load ubuntu, i mean all the other chrome books can, ARM or Celeron processors, doesn’t matter right?

  • Oliver Lopez Felix

    This will be available in Mexico?… i want this so bad!

  • blindexecutioner

    Looks nice. Too bad it is white only apparently.

  • Neel Gupta

    Photoshop & 3D Max can’t yet run on Chrome OS.

  • Neel Gupta

    says “Quad Core”, so guessing it is 32 Bit K1.

  • Victor Johnson

    They have the graphical power to do it, dude.

  • Victor Johnson


  • Victor Johnson

    32-bit, which is actually far more powerful than the 64-bit.

  • Victor Johnson

    That would be incredible. Streaming games to your Chromebook!

  • Akshay Gupta

    can we do programming on this, say android game development ?

  • husfeldt

    Got mine today 🙂

    Nice build, but now need to check it out in more details

  • Robert Martinez

    It runs on a virtual computer