Full Steam Ahead: Valve Supports In-Home Streaming on Latest GeForce Cards

by Phil Eisler

Valve and NVIDIA have just made game streaming better than ever.

Last week, Valve officially released support for hardware encoding on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in the Steam client. Pair this support with one of our latest GeForce GTX GPUs and you can play remotely from your PC connected to any Steam-enabled system in your home at resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps.

“We’ve worked closely with NVIDIA to support hardware encoding on GeForce cards with our Steam In-Home Streaming technology, and the result is nothing short of amazing,” said Sam Lantinga, at Valve.

At NVIDIA, we’re all about great gaming experiences. Our goal for game streaming is no different: customers should be able to enjoy the same high-resolution graphics and split-second responsiveness on a remote system as they would directly on a PC.

Our dedicated hardware encoder rapidly encodes each frame with the best required image quality, while keeping lag to a bare minimum. It does all this while providing amazing graphics performance and leaving the CPU available for even the most demanding games.

The result: a great game streaming experience in any room of your house.

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  • Alex Schimizzi

    Any word on what cards are supported?

  • Praise GabeN

    I’ve done it with my GTX 750.

  • http://vacker.me Simon Vacker

    GTX 600+

  • http://www.paulcarroll.com Paul Carroll

    I just upgrade my alienware pc too GTX 660 and hooked it up too my big screen tv with hdmi cable and I can play all games on steampowered in hd 1080 nice thanks valve and nvidia

  • Joey Keilholz

    gtx 650 and up for game stream

  • Daniel Ferraro

    can i do with my gtx 560?

  • iluciv

    Works great with my 660ti to my steam machine and ouya, so I’m playing 1080p AAA titles, like the recent tomb raider on my Ouya! Its fantastic !

    My Linux laptop is an old HP G62 stream games to it over Wi-Fi G with only the slightest stutter every 10 minutes or so but this machines is not capable of playing content natively even if it had its firegl graphics installed.

    My only gripe (and its a very minor one) is that I have to have a screen plugged and on to play games, on the windows box. Would rather play everything natively on my steam machines but hey this is a great solution and I’m stoked and amazed it works so well!

    Great stuff and thanks!

  • Christian_


  • Erandi

    i have GTX 780 Zotac AMP Edition, really quiet graphic card, really cool temps, im happy with nvidia.

  • Farid Abbasbayli

    While I sort of understand your gratitude to these money-gobbling corporations, your ability to hook HDMI cable to your TV has nothing to do with this article. This article is about game streaming from PC to PC.

    P.S. You upgraded your PC with a 3 years old GPU?

  • Christopher Daline

    No. Nor can i with my GTX 590.

  • wfefwfewfwewfwefwefwfwfwfwfwfw


  • Brent Alan

    I’m over here with my i7 2600k, gtx 580 using OBS. still like… wut

  • Farid Abbasbayli

    Time to upgrade to 660!

  • Shahroz Khan

    Gtx 750 ti will be better
    N im thinking to upgrade


    How are you stream to your ouya????


    I’ll be trying out with my GTX 760’s FTW 4GB ski on my lower end geforce laptop

  • http://www.deventas.co.uk Nathaniel Fisher
  • xlr8

    Does this include the laptop series, like 660M?

  • Umbra_Lupus

    im still running a gtx 550 ti

  • Farid Abbasbayli

    It was sarcastic statement mocking the OP about upgrading to a very old GPU.

    Though with all fairness, newer generation GPUs even if they have lower performance, have more features, such as the one described in this article.

  • Josué Michel Fermín

    Meh, still using the old gtx 470, then they start offering really important stuff (besides power consumption, lol) count me in for an upgrade.

    For a second I got excited about the “streaming” part, but when I saw in-home… well… bleh…

  • Jason Karovski

    2600k+2x580sli+(please tell me g1 sniper 2 mobo? :D)

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I’m still wondering why GT 755m cards are not allowed to game stream. They’re more than powerful enough.

  • Mark Gately

    I just upgraded from a GTX 470 SLI setup to a GTX 770. Well worth it, believe me, the 470 is holding you back, IMO, not to say it wasn’t a decent card, it just can’t compare. You’ll thank me for it!

  • andrewskaterrr

    The 660 came out September 13 2012, it’s not even two years old, far from old. Also the 700 series only had a 750, 750ti, 760 (rebranded 670 with -192 cuda cores), 770 (rebranded overclocked 680), 780, and 780 ti. That’s two low ends, two rebranded mids, and two high end cards. Not exactly a “full series” like the 600 series was.
    Basically you’re saying OP should have either gotten a weaker 750ti or a more expensive 760…
    600 series has the exact same features 700 series does with the exception of Keplar Boost 2.0 which really isn’t a big deal.
    Get out of here scrub.

  • http://fynn-becker.de Fynn

    Me too. Such a crappy card but it works 😀

  • CodeDisQus

    Awesome!! Glad to hear that Steam will leverage the power of the Nvidia GPUs, not the question is, what is better to use, Gamestream, or in-home streaming?

  • Cowboymail

    GTX 770 OC Edition 😀

  • Harakhti

    Rebranding also means you can NVflash the card to a higher revision.

  • Destroyer

    I’d wait for 970 at least, 770 is not a big of a deal I think

  • Bundy

    But, but, Charlie Demerjian says Nvidia really sucks!

  • Mark Axelrad

    Went from a zotac geforce 550 ti to a gigabyte 660; my operating temp plummeted from 130-140 idle and upwards of 190, when the drivers kick in and crash, to 70-80 idle and upwards of 120 active (all temps fahrenheit), and my experience skyrocketed

    Keep up the fine work and give us the k1 portable shield please

  • Matze | Straw

    sooo, is it running better if the gtx is in the host pc or the client pc? because if its better on client or both, it would be bad because i would need to build a bigger mini pc…

  • Eddie

    Does affect the nvidia shield?

  • srs doe

    It’s hardly a “crap” card, It’s still rather good.

  • http://fynn-becker.de Fynn

    Yeah… you can play old games on max settings. But as soon as you activate Antialiasing or want to use an ENB you can throw this card away. I tried to play Tomb Raider on medium settings and got around 20-30FPS… and I have two of this cards in SLI. So I don’t think they’re still good 😀

  • iluciv

    I use an app named Limelight on the oyua. Just trying to pair a ps3 controller now to the oyua, as I’ve realised the ouya controller, doesn’t have a select button. Other than that works great!

  • kron123456789

    LOL. I’m using 9800GT)))

  • Matthias

    My System (Notebook): Toshiba Satellite p750; WIndows 7 64bit home premium, nvidia gt 540m.
    I can’t play “Train Fever” because I don’t have the latest driver.

    I hope there will be come an update.

  • http://fighterbear12.weebly.com/ Hussein

    of course