Next-Gen Quadro on Display at IBC 2014, at the Heart of Modern Media & Entertainment Workflows

by Jens Neuschäfer

Our new line-up of Quadro GPUs – the K5200, K4200, K2200 and K620 – will be on display in Europe for the first time at the IBC conference in Amsterdam, Sept. 12-16. And they’re arriving just in time.

That’s because media professionals are working with a new generation of cameras. Offering higher resolution and more flexibility, this new gear is amazing stuff.

But with better resolution comes the need for more processing power. To work with raw camera footage and retain the highest quality throughout the workflow, it’s necessary to process, or debayer, the files. That already requires a lot of horsepower. Upping the resolution from HD to 4K or even 6K makes the challenge even greater.

Increasing the pixels more than 9x over HD demands all the horsepower and memory you can get. While that used to require specialized hardware, today you can add a new NVIDIA Quadro K5200 and you’re ready to go.

5 NVIDIA VCAs used to render a raytraced image of NVIDIA Shield using Autodesk Maya and Iray for Maya in mere seconds.
5 NVIDIA VCAs used to render a raytraced image of NVIDIA Shield using Autodesk Maya and Iray for Maya in mere seconds.

With up to twice the application performance and data-handling capacity, and larger GPU memory, the next-gen Quadro series is at the center of modern workflows.

At IBC, we’ll be showing off a host of cutting-edge workflow technologies including:

  • GPU final-frame rendering with Chaos Group’s V-Ray RT 3.0 and the CG animated short film CONSTRUCT, leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs.
  • A prototype of Dolby Laboratories’ Enhanced Dynamic Range display. It supports 20x the brightness of standard displays. This demo features The Foundry’s NUKE STUDIO for creating startling high-range content.
  • A unique virtual camera demonstration of a filmmaker, tablet in hand, walking through a live-action set. The NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered tablet moves through Autodesk Maya scenes rendered by Chaos V-Ray RT.
  • [0x1]’s Iray for Maya harnessing the power of a local workstation and remote NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) to demo performance that scales linearly across appliances.
  • NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology with Adobe Creative Cloud and Autodesk 3D applications. See how you can offload graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments.

At IBC, we’ll also be featuring the new HP Z840 Workstation series with the Quadro K5200 and the ultra-high-performance CADnetwork Workstation W60 using four Quadro K6000 GPUs.

IBC attendees will also be among the first to see a game-changer for the industry – the newly shipping NVIDIA VCA. It’s a scalable, network-attached GPU rendering appliance. It gets its exceptional performance from eight high-end NVIDIA GPUs. Supporting NVIDIA Iray natively, NVIDIA VCA also enables Autodesk 3ds Max through Chaos Group’s V-Ray RT.

Learn more about the tools and techniques to work smarter and faster from pre-production through post. Visit us at IBC at booth #7.J39.