The Fast & The First: Honda Debuts Tegra-Based Android Infotainment System

by Danny Shapiro

NVIDIA’s automotive ecosystem got bigger and more global with Honda’s announcement today that it’s launching a Tegra-based infotainment system which it calls Honda Connect.

Honda becomes the 19th global automotive brand, and our first partner based in Asia, to use NVIDIA processors for their in-car audio and information systems.

Honda Connect is the world’s first infotainment system using embedded Android as the operating system running on Tegra.

The Civic’s 7-inch display features a customizable home screen, allowing drivers to personalize their experience.

We have lots of experience with Android – from gaming on the SHIELD tablet and supporting Android TV development, to powering the Project Tango devkit for visual computing. So, bringing Android to cars is a logical step.

With Tegra’s high performance, Honda Connect will deliver a touchscreen experience that’s much like a smartphone or tablet. It’s intuitive to use, with clear, crisp graphics that are simple to understand and navigate. Drivers and passengers will get a fast response when using gestures like pinch, zoom and swipe.

The 7-inch display features a customizable home screen, allowing drivers to personalize their experience. And, drivers will have access to the Honda App Center, where they can download and install their favorite apps for music, podcasts and information.

The new Honda Civic.
The new Honda Civic.

The Honda Connect system runs Android 4.0.4. and will be standard equipment on the new 2015 models of the Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V available in Europe early next year.

Watch for more details about Honda Connect right here. I’ll be reporting from the Paris Auto Show after Honda’s press conference – where Honda is revealing the new Civic – and posting notes from my hands-on experience.

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  • Muhammedh Rayaz Muthalif

    wow.. cool

  • Mike

    man that’s a fugly UI

  • Second Strike

    Why would I buy a computer case that requires me to pay road tax?

  • erick__williams

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  • Kern

    Actually you don’t have to pay road tax on the 1.6 D-Tec.

    Source: I own one 🙂

  • jcStrabo

    4.0.4? Android from 2011? Is that a joke by Honda?

  • fm123

    What if a microwave oven couldn’t be stopped by pressing the stop button or opening the door but then needed to have a firmware update to fix that problem? Sounds like a bad situation, which is why embedded systems will almost always have older versions of hardware and software, because they have to get all the bugs out before release. At least enough to prevent crashes, which could lead to a driver actually crashing their car due to being distracted by the lockup on the touchscreen.

    I commonly see apps crash and lock up on tablets and phones, but it would be incredible dangerous for that to happen on the car system. If you read any Google Play review section you’ll find many reviews complaining about apps crashing and locking up.

  • Camilo

    It is because Android is more stable before Google Now

  • Harley Lusk

    Shouldn’t really be messing with your infotainment system whilst your driving anyway 😛 They might even have a way to update it in the future also.

  • fm123
  • Skater_Ricky

    This is old technology. I will not buy a car with old Android. I want to buy a car with Android Auto built in. It’s safer and easier to use. Want to find out more by visit this page below. Even Honda states they support Android Auto so why are they doing this?

  • mobile pundits

    This is only for Honda or it is also embedded in different brands car… I am Android lover and i am very much excited to use this eco system in my car.