Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo Ship Workstations with Next-Gen Quadro GPUs

by Sandeep Gupte

Announced just a few weeks ago, our next-gen Quadro GPUs are now available in the latest professional workstations from Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo, the world’s largest workstation suppliers.

It’s rare that both we and our partners come out with new products at more or less the same time. So, it’s worth checking the huge performance increases they can deliver.

We’ve been talking to our customers in industries like manufacturing design, media & entertainment, oil & gas and medical imaging to understand how their users interact, create and collaborate. Consistently, we hear that their data sets are getting larger and more complex and they need to be able to connect to cloud-based resources and mobile devices.

So we ensured our new GPUs – the Quadro K5200, K4200, K2200, K620 and K420, along with our legacy K6000 – interact with and view data up to twice as large as previous generations, and act as the center of visual computing workflows.

The new Quadro-powered workstations from Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo push the limits of what is possible, so users can produce their most creative and inspired work.

These powerful new systems – described further on our Quadro page – include:

Each is built using enterprise-grade components and tested and tuned with NVIDIA Quadro graphics to run the most demanding professional applications.

This post is updated from the original to reflect the availability of next-gen Quadro GPUs from an additional vendor.