Three Amazing GameWorks Moments You’ll See in Crytek’s “Warface” Update (Video)

by Monier Maher

Dynamic smoke. Realistic turbulence. Explosions that leave debris all over the place. It’s hard to imagine we used to have war games without these effects. But not any more.

Warface has captivated gamers with its quick pace and intuitive controls. Now CryTek is enhancing its first-person shooter with key NVIDIA GameWorks features that simulate the grit and grime of combat.

Thanks to NVIDIA GameWorks – our effort to help developers put the latest graphics technologies to work in their games – smoke, dust and other fluid dynamic effects will reach new levels of realism.

GameWorks at Work

NVIDIA’s Turbulence module helps create complex fluid simulations and particle effects in Warface, thanks to advanced techniques like Navier-Stokes simulations.

And our PhysX technology will make it possible for debris from the impact of weapons on concrete, grass, soil, wood, sand and the like to interact with the environment like it does in the real world.

As a result, unlike most games today, the debris will remain on the scene rather than disappearing after it’s spawned.

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GameWorks lets gamers experience scenes almost viscerally. Here’s where, and when, to look for them in Warfare:

1)      When the big guns go “boom”: The back blast of a self-propelled missile launcher creates a high-velocity smoke effect that collides with objects in the environment, curls up and fades away as it dissipates.


2)      Snappy landings: A helicopter dust effect creates a visible downdraft that can impact characters and other objects in the environment. This powerful force can affect weapon debris and other smoke effects around it.


3)      Horseshoes and …: The grenade explosion effect adds mesh debris and a lingering ambient smoke effect that other explosions, helicopters and characters interact with.


GameWorks increases the pace of innovation in gaming by providing developers tools to make titles better while shortening development cycles.

NVIDIA invests more than anyone else in delivering a superior gaming experience, from install to play, through a combination of engineering efforts and support for developers.

Warface is an excellent example of GameWorks at work.