Get a New GPU, and “Assassin’s Creed Unity,” “The Crew,” or “Far Cry 4” for Free

by Bryan Del Rizzo

The Crew. Far Cry 4. Assassin’s Creed Unity. These are flagship titles that will make PC gamers take notice.

We’ve long been working with Ubisoft to put our latest technologies to work in these cutting-edge games. Now we’re working to put these titles into the hands of more gamers.

As part of our “Pick Your Path” promotion kicking off this week, gamers who buy a qualifying GeForce GTX GPU can add The Crew, Far Cry 4 or Assassin’s Creed Unity to their library for free. GPUs that qualify for the offer are GeForce GTX 980, 970, 780 Ti or 780,  or a notebook with GeForce GTX 980M or 970M.

GameWorks at Work

Each game is an excellent example of our GameWorks technology at work. By integrating technologies such as HBAO+ for realistic shadows and TXAA for cinema quality smoothness and enhanced 4K support, Ubisoft delivers games that push the industry forward.

Our more than 300 GameWorks engineers help game developers make games better, and build them faster. NVIDIA invests more than anyone else to delivering a better gaming experience – from install to play – through a combination of engineering efforts and support for developers.

The only question is which of these games do you want to experience next:

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity, the latest installment in Ubisoft’s most successful franchise, will feature HBAO+, TXAA, PCSS and tessellation technologies, allowing Ubisoft to set its game in a sprawling digital reconstruction of late 18th century Paris.
  • Far Cry 4 is another legendary game series getting a visual and technology upgrade. Besides HBAO+, TXAA, PCSS and enhanced 4K support, Far Cry 4 integrates NVIDIA “Godrays” technology so gamers can all but feel the sun beating down in the Himalayas, and NVIDIA HairWorks, for rendering the hyper-realistic adversaries players encounter.
  • The Crew is the ultimate street racing game. Motoring through the bustling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, cruising down sunny Miami Beach or trekking through the plateaus of Monument Valley looks superb thanks to the use of HBAO+ and TXAA technologies – all rendered in breathtaking 4K.

For more information on the GeForce GTX GPU “Pick Your Path” promotion, visit

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  • Chop

    That’s really nice, too bad I bought my 970 day one.

  • Roam

    Will this work until 2015th January? Or at least until Christmas?

  • Kristiāns Vlads

    That’s nice. 🙂

  • John Ciaccio

    What about those that have just pyrchased one this week? I just ordered a gtx 970 from Newegg on monday and was surprised there were no offers for a 300+ dollar card!

    My bad luck i guess!

  • trankzen

    Sigh, early adopters like me are being punished, again. Why don’t you have those promotions up at launch day nVidia?

  • the guy in the chair

    awesome. glad i waited. too bad asus card sold out on newegg

  • Tensei

    Please answer this. Is there anyway i can get this promotion… I just brought my Asus Strix 970 on the 29th of Oct.

    When I saw this promotion it felt like being punched in the gut…I missed it by 5 days.

  • matty Gaffney

    i have the GTX 580 and i can still run games at pretty high settings…does anyone have any input on whether or not it’s worth upgrading at this point or if i should just stick with the card i have…it’s getting on 2 or 3 years old now…what’s a normal upgrade time?

    also i’m relatively new at PC gaming and had a custom PC built for me with this card…how much does the card matter vs. my other components? i have 16 gigs of ram and i think an i7 sandy bridge or ivy bridge (whichever one is slightly older i know). should i focus on upgrading the graphics card before anything else? ty for any advice!

  • matty Gaffney

    i’ve had instances where something like this happened to me and i wrote customer service and they allowed me to apply the promo…i’ve never done this with nvidia and it changes from company to company but never hurts to try!! just be extra nice when you write or call them (and then maybe get more persistent if that doesn’t work at first…)

  • Tensei

    Thanks for the hint…i’m going to try this.

  • Kingslayer

    Return it and rebuy it on the first day the promo starts. Just take the receipt to the store and explain to them you want to qualify for the promo. You still keep the same gpu you originally bought it just changes the purchase date to one that qualifies for the promo.

  • alon

    crap i just bought 970 last week! seriously can i get the deal too?

  • Matthew Wolstenholme

    did find an email address to contact them on?

  • Blah

    No Thailand in that list

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    Depending on where you got it from. All you have to do is contact customer service from the retailer. I literally bought it a day before this promo came into play. and they sold out today. Applying these to the 900 series card makes no sense if previous consumers can’t cash in. Seeing how the card is sold out everywhere. Makes it funny they would offer a promotion to a card thats not lacking in demand.

  • Dan

    Definitely upgrade the video card before anything else.

  • Robin

    I’m actually not okay with this if it doesn’t apply to customers who supported Nvidia by buying it EARLY. That is extremely poor customer service! By these actions, no one will buy cards early if they want to cash in on opportunities like these, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

  • trankzen

    Not to mention, AMD / ATI does apply that kind of deals retroactively. I’m really looking forward to an official statement from NVIDIA on this

  • Arj

    No mention of India also on that list. I was about to buy the card today but now I am going to wait for an official statement regarding this. Why do they have to make it unfair for people who bought early or a few days ago.. and not available in certain countries. This is so ridiculous..

  • jack

    missed out by a few weeks, gutted
    people in the US, newegg are back dating up to 30days
    My UK retailer won’t do it

  • Eric

    i missed it cause i bought a gtx 970 soon after it´s release D: should have made it available to everyone that already have those GPU´s or something to support the ones who bought it early

  • Larry

    What if I bought two GTX 970s for SLI? I successfully redeemed the first one (FC4), but it did not work when I tried to redeem the second promotion code. Is this promotion limited to one purchase for a customer?

  • mrKiller

    Been in contact with nvidia all they say is : game codes are only sent with new purchases only, previous purchases do not apply.

    Next time I will definitely think twice before buying so quickly… funny how they punish their loyal customers… i mean how hard can it be just to use the product serial on the box of the GTX 970 to register for a game.

  • matty Gaffney

    i feel you…i bought an xbox one a little bit before titanfall came out…a few days later they announced you could get the game for free when buying the console which didn’t apply to me…now you can get a free game AND the system for only $350 (i got it when it was kinect only for $500). soooooo that’s lame all around :-/

  • Excel

    I just bought this card at the store, how would i get a code?

  • Vince

    I wrote to my customer service and get a got by email after. So cool 🙂

  • Miso

    Hi i was buy yesterday gtx 980 and I did not get a bonus code to far cry, is necessary somewhere registered?



  • mrKiller

    Yeah sometimes I forget that companies like this don’t give a f@#k about their costumers so getting angry won’t help at all, we just need to accept and move on…still unfair though…

  • Cody Hammons

    Just wanted to say, I purchased my GTX 970 on October 6th from Newegg, so I asked them if they would send me a code as a courtesy, and they did. A lot of retailers wouldn’t have done that, stuff like this is what keeps Newegg near or at the top for me.

  • Dan

    Guys i have a question. Im getting a gaming PC for Xmas with an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 (the superclocked ACX 2.0 version). can i still get one of the games if i buy that card or not?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • mohammed

    i have asus strix can i get one of these game

  • Raikozy

    man thank you!. I took my chances and they gave me one as well! So exiting, I bought it a month ago (msi 970 twin frozr v). I love newegg, so loved them!

  • Abraxas

    Bought my 970 2 weeks ago but contacted newegg customer support and they hooked me up!

  • Shakes

    To those who bought from newegg before the promotion: If your order would have qualified, contact customer service and they may be able to give you a code for it IF you didn’t use any other promos to buy the card. They were very helpful to me (shame I already purchased AC: Unity Gold before trying to get a free code. I guess I’ll have TWO games to play this winter. DARN :P)

  • matt adams

    Who did you contact? I bought mine on 6 November 2014 but got no code in the box… Im not sure if i bought old stock or what

  • Serju Cozos

    Where can i put the code? Becouse i have just buy a new GPU and first day it show me a window and I closet it by mistake.

  • Rev Lebaredian

    You should be able to redeem your code at

  • Matt

    I don’t know where you got yours, but like others here I ordered mine 25th of September and was able to get a key from newegg. They were great to me

  • Serju Cozos

    Thank you mate!

  • mrKiller

    I live in South Africa.. I did phone the store i bought it from, they said exactly what nvidia support said to me. “Codes are only sent with new purchases , old ones do not apply.” And the fact that the cards in SA cost R5999 which is about $540 is bloody expencive , piss me off that nvidia wont even go through a little bit of trouble for the people who bought it early.

  • Serju Cozos

    How you contact NEWEGG?

  • TimeKiller117

    I ordered

  • Dinsy Jones

    I bought a qualifying MSI laptop from Amazon UK a few days ago and I’m finding about this now. Any ideas if Amazon UK is participating in the promotion? There’s nothing listed on their website 🙁

  • flinkinblip

    Has anyone had any problems redeeming their code?. Just bought a 980 and got the promo card, inputted the code into uplay to be told the code had already been used?! wtf?!… contacted ubisoft support but they aren’t replying… any ideas anyone?!

  • AlphaOmega83

    Amazon don’t usually tend to be a participating retailer for these promotions and unfortunately they’re not on this occasion either.

  • Vince

    Its depend where you bought it, contact the shop where you get it to have the code

  • bla

    It’s not a big loss you know. It’s ubisoft game afterall which means it’s average at best.

  • Will Hogg

    so return it and ask for a refund, then rebuy it.

  • Dreamskape

    I just bought my ASUS strix stx 970 from Ratuken ( on Nov 12 and saw nothing reguarding this Promo until I was installing drivers. Does and one know if they were not participating in this offer or something?

  • heymart ozawa

    i got a code from a friend for AC unity i redeemed the code and got the serial number. when im about to put it in the activation code it says its already been on my account . the prob is the game is not shown in my uplay account. i live in japan does this code worked for those who live in japan? ty

  • Robert Jones

    Yay for australia, getting dicked again, went to the pick ur path link to discover that australia is NOT on the list of participating countries…. YAY 🙁

  • Ivana

    Why couldn’t they have come up with this as soon as the new series hit the stores? I was going to buy a 780ti (and get the Borderlands Presequel), but in the meantime 980 came out, so I obviously got that instead… and then got nothing, because I bought it 10 days too early. Would be much simpler if you could just redeem your code with your serial, so those that buy “too early” don’t get screwed over. Just so my post isn’t pure whining, I’m gonna state the obvious, the 980 is pretty sick.

  • Eric

    Thats exactly what you should have told them. Trust me there is always a way when you make enough fuss. I just bought a 970 from best buy which nvidia sells directly to them and supposedly best buy wasnt one of the qualified vendors for the promotion. long story short im now downloading far cry 4. Thanks Nvidia!! I knew I could count on yall to do the right thing!

  • Muzzy

    How do I sign up for this promotion??

  • Brutlyhonest

    Would appreciate info on who/how you contacted Nvidia. Thanks

  • Chronos

    I will never be an early adopter ever again, this is bullshit! Here in my country the cards already cost 3 times more, now when we expend our hard earn money we are locked out promotions I not do this at launch?

  • Joel Bacus Jr.

    Hi I’m Joel I play FAR CRY 4 with my nvidia geforce GT 730M with 4GB Dedicated VRAM and the shadows its too dark when i put the graphics into HIGH quality… when i saw the video in you tube but its nice graphics and i always update my driver…. please help me…. ; (