Get $150 in In-Game Currency for “War Thunder,” “Strife,” or “Infinite Crisis,” with New NVIDIA GPU

by Bryan Del Rizzo

War Thunder. Strife. Infinite Crisis. Some of the best free-to-play experiences are about to get better.

Grab one of our GeForce GTX graphics cards and enhance your experience playing some of the hottest free-to-play titles with $150 of in-game currency with the purchase of a GeForce GTX 750-series graphics card or an 800M notebook.

Free-to-play games have changed the games industry for the better. They provide a free taste of some of the most innovative gaming experiences offered by major developers and independents. And for those who like what they see, they offer the ability to enhance and personalize the gameplay experience in ways that let gamers claim a game as their own.

Each of the games in our “Free To Play 2014 Fall Bundle” offers a unique experience:

  • “War Thunder” sets players loose with authentic World War II tanks and planes – letting them mix it up in a fast-and-loose arcade mode or with grittier, more realistic gameplay.

  • “Strife” is a multiplayer online battle arena – or MOBA – that delivers accessible gameplay and all the depth these fighting games are known for.

  • “Infinite Crisis” plugs players into the world of DC Comics, letting them play as – or against – Wonder Woman, Batman, Super Man, The Flash, The Joker, Green Lantern, and other characters.

No matter how you choose to play, our GeForce GTX graphics cards make every game more realistic and immersive. That’s thanks to innovations like NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology, for smooth, stutter-free gameplay; PhysX for hyper-realistic physics; GeForce Experience, which ensures every game look its best on every system; and the ability to stream the action to our NVIDIA SHIELD portable devices.

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