NVIDIA Launches GRID On-Demand Game Streaming Service; Free for SHIELD Users Until July

by Phil Eisler

Streaming movies. Streaming music. Instant popcorn.

Gaming gratification should always be a moment away, too. That’s why we’re introducing our NVIDIA GRID on-demand gaming service.

Available Nov. 18 in North America, next month in Europe and next year in Asia, GRID is free on our SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable through June 30, 2015.

While GRID makes gaming gratification immediate, it took us a decade to invent the technology behind the service that streams GeForce GTX-quality graphics to SHIELD devices.

Gaming Supercomputer in the Cloud

The reason: streaming games is hard. You need to build a powerful gaming computer in the cloud. Then you need to get games to users in milliseconds.

The enabling technologies of GRID are super-low-latency from controller streaming to graphics to game streaming. And, virtualization so that many gamers can share the Geforce cloud gaming supercomputer.

The next step: putting thousands of GRID GPUs into data centers around the world. It’s an effort that’s put 20 petaflops of graphics processing compute power into the cloud. That’s equal to the fastest supercomputer in the U.S.

And we’re loading it up with great games. We have triple-A titles like Batman: Arkham City and Borderlands 2, as well as classics like Brutal Legend and Psychonauts. We have 20 great games on GRID at launch worth over $400, and we plan to add more games every week.

So, grab a SHIELD and download the new SHIELD Hub app from the Google Play store when it becomes available Nov. 18.

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  • Luke Schafer

    You should absolutely include access to steam libraries, streaming of steam titles players already own. I personally own quite a few but would much rather play them on your shield devices rather than the unreliable PCs in the same price range (that are nothing close to portable) .I don’t know the specificities or complications involved but I’m excited about the possiblities.

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    This is awesome!

  • http://www.ultimatexbmc.com/ Ultimatexbmc.com

    The future of gaming for us all I think

  • Alexandre Perreault

    Sorry to be so negative, but the future is not in Cloud Gaming, just look similar services like OnLive, or PlayStation Now …. The same with NVIDIA GRID. These services comes with the problem of high latency and the subscription price very high (GRID free until june 2015 but after that you’ll need a subscriptions $$$). Anyway, I prefer by far Local Game on my PC, just need to use GameStream with my Home Network to play on the SHIELD, there is no need for those extra latency from CLOUD Gaming service.. Plus it use Tons of Bandwidth…

  • http://www.ultimatexbmc.com/ Ultimatexbmc.com

    The democratization of any market means game streaming will become cheaper and bandwidth will be higher and more available. Combine that with very cheap hardware + emerging VR systems = mass market appeal and usage. This is the future, OnLive where just a little too early to market and the tech and the bandwidth + latency issues will be ironed out.

    Just my 2 cents and no I’m not being paid by Nvidia, I’m not happy with them faking the moon landing all over again 🙂

  • chinchinman

    I dont have any latency issues playing on Grid yet. What router are you using?

  • chinchinman

    I am using asus-802-11ac-dual-band-gigabit-wireless-router. It is running so smooth on my device. It is as fast as playing a local game from the console. Before I used a bad router, so it lagged very badly, after I changed the router, it is so fast. Just hope there is multiplier capability tho. Or play against grid users in multiplayer games.

  • Ry

    Thanks so much! I’m already super happy with my SHIELD Portable purchase but this just sends it over the top! Gonna love playing these awesome games on my SHIELD.

  • bob

    can’t wait until you get some new titles up. i’ve been loving the beta, so i’m psyched for this.

  • Nanook

    The state of the internet in many places is a figurative club in Grid’s kneecaps.

  • fasterthanfalcon

    The future of gaming is not in the cloud huh? Funny…. critics said the same thing about the shield portable when it came out how its going to fail, and they compared it to the Ouya. Yet here we are!
    Belive me when I say Nvidia has something up their sleeve with this cloud service, once put simply to me, its not the specs of a device that make it, its the game library. I Nvidia adds a whole ton of games (IE. steam libraries and just more games in general), it’ll catch on sooner or later. and make every shield device to come even more worth it. Nvidia played their cards well and now all they have to do is keep their game library stuffed to the brim and they will own every market they enter.
    (Don’t quote me on that, LOL)

  • Rob bennet

    VR will depend on computers and not on clouds because it requires lower much low latencies than a regular game.

  • domahman

    They should host games that only GRID can do or unique to the technology or take advantage of the single source processing.

  • Hurak

    Just because something inferior has existed doesn’t mean this superior product will fail. Facebook wasn’t the first social page yet it became successful and killed inferior pages like Myspace.

  • brysen

    how much will the games be when they r not free?