How NVIDIA Is Earning High Marks at Autodesk University

by Andrew Rink

The buildings where we live and work. The products we buy. The movies we watch.

Countless things touching our daily lives are created with Autodesk products.

NVIDIA technology unlocks the full potential of Autodesk design and software applications for the best user experience – accessible anywhere, at any time.

Autodesk University GPU Genius Bar Dell NVIDIA
IQ booster: Get your GPU and Iray questions answered at our GPU Genius bar in Dell’s booth.

At the annual Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas this week, you’ll find NVIDIA at the center of the most current creative and design workflows. Our tech powers the latest engineering tools and technologies and forges new trends in mobile technology and cloud services.

Some examples:

We’re also participating in a host of informative classes and talks, including:

And don’t miss Autodesk’s 3DRV. We’re a proud sponsor of this full-size RV, tricked out with the latest Autodesk technologies. Taking a break from its trip across the U.S., it’ll be parked in the exhibit hall for all to see.

TJ McCue, 3D enthusiast and the RV’s driver, will be on hand to talk about his “Driven by Design Road Tour,” offering predictions for 3D technology and highlighting how it’s used in nearly every industry.

Autodesk University is called that for a reason: You’ll get an answer to just about any question you may have about GPUs and physically based rendering. Stop by the GPU Genius bar at Dell’s booth to get your GPU and Iray questions answered.

Visit the BOXX, Citrix, Dell, HP and Lenovo booths to see how our partners are using NVIDIA graphics technologies to deliver the best performance and visual experience to customers.

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