Hey, Santa – Reviewers Are Making Their Lists, and Putting SHIELD Tablet On It

by Will Park

CNET. PC Mag. Laptop Magazine. Stuff. Engadget. ESPN. Entertainment Weekly. Bloomberg. Forbes. ABC News. NBC News. Wired. Men’s Journal. And the list goes on. And on.

Reviewers are making their holiday lists of great gadgets for gift givers. And, invariably, they’re naming our SHIELD tablet as one of the best gifts you can give.

“If someone on your list is a gamer, the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet is the ultimate gift,” ESPN wrote in its holiday gift guide. “Not a gamer? It’s also the best Android based tablet I’ve ever used.”

SHIELD tablet 32GB LTE
Are you game? The critics are. Our SHIELD tablet has been featured on critics’ lists of the best gadgets of the season.

Starting at $299, the SHIELD tablet packs a huge number of next-generation technologies into a compact, 8-inch Android tablet powered by our 192-core super chip, Tegra K1.

SHIELD comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop and our GRID gaming service – which instantly streams PC games from the cloud. It can broadcast live games to Twitch.tv for your friends to watch, and it packs the power to tear through demanding titles like Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Portal.

That power has reviewers raving. But gaming is only one of its talents.

“This is also the single, primary tablet I carry around with me everywhere I go,” Slashgear’s critic wrote. “I can’t imagine a better tablet-sized product with today’s technology.”

So, go ahead. Google around. Check your favorite publication. Or check our list below.

And when you’re done, click here to grab one for your favorite gamer. And maybe another one for yourself. Because you’ve been good this year. And so has our SHIELD tablet.

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“Throw away your iPad. Literally throw it in the garbage. Nvidia Shield Tablet is a tablet made with gaming in mind.”

Entertainment Weekly
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“This 8” Android tablet grants gamers the ability to stream non-mobile games from their computer with a separately sold controller. It’s also great for apps like Netflix or Pandora, streaming to Twitch, and plugging it into your TV for console-style gaming.”

Men’s Journal
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“The Shield is first and foremost a fantastic mid-sized Android tablet, with a bright 8-inch HD screen, a surprisingly accurate (and useful) stylus, and a killer Tegra K1 processor.”

“But add a controller, and start streaming full PC games over the internet, and the Shield also becomes the first tablet that’s also a hardcore gaming machine.”

ABC News

“If someone you’re shopping for is a gamer, then the Nvidia Shield tablet is the ultimate gift for him or her.”

“Not a gamer? The Shield is also the best Android based tablet I’ve ever used.”

NBC News
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“Thanks to its powerful Tegra K1 processor, 8-inch Full HD display, Grid game-streaming service and optional controller, the Nvidia Shield could be the tablet you are looking for.”

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“While you can play games on an iPad or pretty much any other tablet, the more serious gamer may want a more serious device. Nvidia, which dominates in insanely high-powered PC graphics chips, delivers that type of tablet with the Shield.”

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“The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is a great all-around tablet that also happens to be an ideal mobile device for gamers.”

Best Tablets: Holiday 2014

“Ultimately, for gamers who want Android, the SHIELD Tablet is the best choice.”

Business Insider
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“Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is relatively cheap and great for gaming.”

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gaming Hardware

“This is also the single, primary tablet I carry around with me everywhere I go. I can’t imagine a better tablet-sized product with today’s technology.”

Android Central
2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Gamer

“If there’s one company that knows what it takes to build a powerful gaming device, it’s NVIDIA, and their NVIDIA Shield tablet is the perfect example of what it can do.”

Vanity Fair (Italy)
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“One of the first tablet to be equipped with the new Android 5.0 Lollipop, SHIELD harnesses the awesome power of the Tegra processor K1 and is designed for the most demanding gamers.”

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“This powerful tablet takes gaming on the go to a whole new level, with the ability to play plenty of gorgeous modern games. In addition, the Nvidia Shield Tablet can play games through the company’s Gamestream as well as stream to Twitch. How sweet is that?”

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