How We’re Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of One of the Greatest Moments in Science

by Brian Caulfield

NVIDIA is built around the work of thousands of passionate engineers. And our engineers are inspired by the brilliance of others.

Exactly 150 years ago today, one of our biggest heroes approached the lectern at the Royal Society in London and proceeded to change the world. On that day, James Clerk Maxwell introduced the theory of electromagnetic radiation.

It was an astounding piece of work.

Maxwell introduced four equations that unite the way we think about and describe electricity and magnetism. That’s why we were proud to name our latest GPU architecture released earlier this year – the most advanced on the planet – after the great Scotsman.

To celebrate this anniversary, the CUDA Research Center for Computational Electromagnetics and Photonics at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, organized a special event with lectures, prizes and even a birthday cake.

Maxwell’s work stands alongside Isaac Newton’s as among the most important in physics. It’s work we – and everyone else in the electronics industry – builds on every day.

So it’s fitting that we designed Maxwell to solve some of the most complex lighting and graphics challenges in visual computing. Maxwell is at the heart of our new GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs.