Bound for Glory: Accelerate Your Startup With $100,000 From NVIDIA

by Alain Tiquet

Startups face huge challenges. But we can help.

We’ve helped scores of them grow by putting their CEOs in front of a live audience of investors, tech executives and media at our annual Emerging Companies Summits.

It’s amazing what that recognition—along with expert advice from our panelists—can do. Winning our $100,000 prize for the most promising GPU-based venture doesn’t hurt, either.

Here are just a few of the companies that have appeared at our events on their way to greatness:

Oculus: Already synonymous with virtual reality, the startup appeared onstage at ECS in 2013. One year later, Facebook acquired it for $2 billion.

NaturalMotion: In 2010, we featured this gaming company’s amazingly realistic physics simulation. Zynga acquired it earlier this year for $527 million.

Sportvision: Responsible for the yellow first down line you see on televised football games, Sportvision invented digital techniques now standard for broadcasts of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, PGA Tour and Olympics. This alum of our 2010 ECS now grosses more than $100 million annually.

Gaikai: Shortly after appearing at ECS in 2012, game-streaming pioneer Gaikai was acquired by Sony for $380 million.

Maybe we can help you, too.

ECS on stage
CEO on Stage: Startup executives face a panel of experts at the Emerging Companies Summit.

Our seventh annual ECS is set for March 18 in Silicon Valley. If selected to participate, you’ll be able to introduce your company to investors, enterprise execs, media and attendees at our GPU Technology Conference, which is held concurrently in the San Jose Convention Center.

And the winner of our Early Stage Challenge will win a $100,000 check on the spot.

So, let us know if your startup has raised less than $1 million in capital and uses GPUs for computing, visualization, analytics, entertainment, automotive, cloud or mobile.

You’ve got a lot to gain, and nothing to lose. Start by completing this form by Jan. 19.