NVIDIA Comments on Samsung ITC Lawsuit

by David Shannon

You’ve seen this story before.

Back in September, we filed a patent lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Samsung and Qualcomm for using our GPU technology patents without compensation. Two months later, Samsung countersued us, dragging along for good measure Velocity Micro, a small customer of ours based in Virginia, who has nothing to do with this fight.


When we submitted that lawsuit, we also filed a second case in the International Trade Commission, seeking to block Samsung from shipping into the U.S. Galaxy phones and tablets that improperly use our patents. Predictably enough, Samsung went to the ITC last month to countersue us there, too, dragging along a dozen other small partners of ours who also have nothing to do with this fight. Today, the ITC announced that, just as it will hear our case against Samsung, it will allow Samsung’s case against us to proceed.

This is typical legal ping pong. But amid the positioning, it’s important not to lose track of a few basic principles that guide our commitment to protect our IP.

First, over the past two decades, NVIDIA has invested more than $9 billion to create the world’s best visual computing technology portfolio, comprising 7,000 patents issued and pending. Despite several years of trying, our licensing team was repeatedly unable to obtain any compensation from Samsung for using our technology.

Second, we must earn an appropriate return on our investments. We are now seeking the courts’ judgment to confirm the infringement, validity and value of our patents so that we may be able to reach agreement with Samsung.

Third, Samsung’s cynical measure to blame our partners is unfair to these third parties and will create more negative fallout for the company. In the case of Velocity Micro, a small family business was named so that Samsung could attempt to get its case heard in the fast-moving local district court. As Velocity’s CEO wrote in a blog, “…(Samsung is) all too willing to throw a private company under the proverbial bus for their own strategic reasons. It’s simply wrong….” In Samsung’s new ITC case, a dozen other companies are named that also have nothing to do with Samsung’s use of NVIDIA’s IP.

Among all these cases, we still expect that the first to be decided will be our suit against Samsung in the ITC. And we look forward to that.

NVIDIA remains focused on ensuring that we receive fair compensation from Samsung for using our technology in Galaxy phones and tablets. We won’t allow ourselves to get sidetracked by the company’s attempts to intimidate our partners who have nothing to do with the unlicensed use of our IP. We look forward to the court setting this right.

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  • Raymond Jeffries

    I hope you guys work this as I would love to have a Samsung Product with Nvidia hardware someday!

  • Ronald Berrye

    Nvidia, your a very childish and ignorant company.

  • leeroy_newman

    That gives us the best GPU.

  • David Curtis


  • GuiltyGear

    wonder whose the ignorant child when all Samsung has done is just counter sue and hope to win just like how they tried the same logic on apple. trying so hard to avert peoples eyes and justify themselves when they stole the iPhone technology & designs yet never learning their lesson not a least bit of humility in em. just another petty act to be on the game, but everything comes back & soon they’ll be paying for this in fame.

  • clayjn

    LOOK EVERYONE A MANTLE USER. He almost spelled it right, ddwwaaahhh. Ain’t he precious.

  • Jay Lavistria

    Good luck NVidia.
    Counting on you.
    I wanna work there D:

  • LittleLeo

    Troll Alert!

  • clayjn

    Yep.. Good eye…

  • youretard

    Typical Nvidia throwing a hissy fit at Samsung and Qualcomm because no phone manufacturers wants to use their horrible Tegra soc. I can’t wait until Nvidia gets wrecked in court. Nvidia is nothing but a patent troll.

  • youretard


  • nick

    Definitely won’t be buying a Samsung product anytime soon but will always be upgrading my gpu’s with Nvidia. Glad I went with the HTC over the galaxy.

  • nick

    And Ronald YOU’RE a moron

  • R6ex

    Nvidia, you must teach Samsung a lesson!

  • Volodesi

    When is Nvidia gonna make a Android phone? I want to get rid of my Galaxy Note 3. 😛

  • Hereld

    I wonder why NVIDIA is playing catch up. Apple paid NVIDIA money to begin this lawsuit in the first place.

  • Jizzus

    I’ll hope for a answer that I surely wont get – but still I’ll make this post.

    Why is NVIDIA trying to make this into a media/PR stunt case? “Fight”? That’s how you address what this is happening – a fight? My god, what a shamefull behavior of trying to bring this to the media as NVIDIA being some “white knight in shinning armor” and Velocity Micro the poor dame who is in distress.

    As far as we all know, NVIDIA started this – you sued a company that doesn’t even manufacture GPUs. Just like Velocity Micro. So I don’t get your flawd logic… oh I know… it’s because Velocity Micro isn’t a multi billion dollar target, like Samsung! Now that’s a fat whale.

    Now let me address the points you made:

    First: Over the past THREE decades, Samsung invested way, BUT WAY MORE, then 9 billion dollars in IP over electronic products and technologys, reflecting in a amount that surpasses 7,000 patents (I think it’s around 40,000).

    Second: shouldn’t Samsung be also compensated by NVIDIA IP infrigment, as well as any other NVIDIA partner that are violating Samsung IP? Why I can’t see a picture of a NVIDIA GPU stealing IP from Samsung Xmas Tree?

    Third: Isn’t NVIDIA cynical to the point they are going after Samsung and not all ARM GPU manufacturers like ARM and Imagination Tech? Or is this cynical to the point you are trying to collect double licensing from all the partys?

    In my point of view, NVIDIA put all of their partners under the bus when they cynicaly tryed to enforce licensing to someone who uses GPUs from third partys. Samsung is doing the same thing NVIDIA is doing – and just like NVIDIA, if anyone is infringing Samsung IP, they should be compensated.

    What I find the most ridiculous are this blogposts, that aim to get positive buzz and try to paint a picture that distorts reality in NVIDIA favor. Shamefull behavior. This is no fight, this is a way of trying to protect each other IP within the boundries of the law – Samsung as the same rights as NVIDIA.

    So NVIDIA, be a good sport and just suck it up.

  • HotelQuebec

    ATI was founded in 1985 which AMD eventually acquired then sold off the mobile portfolio to Qualcomm. Considering Huang came from AMD and Nvidia was founded long after ATI in 1993 then it’s Nvidia that’s in patent violation of AMD and Qualcomm and Samsung is just a customer of Qualcomm.

  • 12345

    Can I like this, hmmm…like hundred times

  • 32Devlin1

    I was wondering that myself sense AMD and Nvidia share there IP patents why is AMD not a part of this lawsuit and to sense AMD share there IP patents to Nvidia what’s stopping AMD from not saying they gave Samsung permission to use there IP.

  • Ryan Wheeler

    Somehow no one sees a problem with Samsung attempting to ban all Nvidia in the US. Which would create monopolies, and somehow they are not the scum in the midst of all this?

  • renz

    Looks like you don’t even know which patent is being used in the case.

  • Tgirgis

    It’s so childish it’s unbelievable the PR department let this response go out. The handful of nutcases commenting here are drooling morons, you don’t make a lawsuit into a mockery to try and scare the person suing you, it’s just embarrassing.

  • Tgirgis

    Nvidia’s PR team is miserably clueless, this entire blog post must be a joke.

  • Tgirgis

    You are aware that NVIDIA requested the exact same ban on Samsung and Qualcomm products when it started this lawsuit, aren’t you?

  • Ryan Wheeler

    Yes, just the products in question, where Samsung is trying to ban all Nvidia products. Lol…

  • Tgirgis

    Nvidia wanted a ban on all Samsung products which allegedly violated the Nvidia filed patents, and Samsung in return wanted a ban on all Nvidia products which allegedly violated Samsung patents, there is no difference, except maybe that Nvidia only makes GPUs. If Samsung only made smartphones and tablets, Nvidia would have been asking to block all Samsung products.

  • Ryan Wheeler

    Lol I think you need to reread nvidia a lawsuit, it was not all products. I’m not going to bother educating you, sometimes people need to learn on their own instead of being ignorant. Since you probably won’t I’ll help you out a bit note 4, note edge are tr two standouts on the list.

  • Tgirgis

    What do you work for nvidia or something? You didn’t even read a word of what I said did you? It’s a lawsuit, both sides will go as far as they can legally go, and both sides did the exact same thing. Cut the “samsung is bullying poor little ol’ nvidia” crap

  • Ryan Wheeler

    What are you 12? Yes it’s exactly that a lawsuit, so they have to state the terms and conditions of the lawsuit. The lawsuit is public and you ca go and look, ignorance is bliss. Lol this is law 101 nothing to do with sansung or Nvidia, grow up kid. You stated Nvidia is trying to ban all Samsung products which is not true, the lawsuit was started with the infringing products, they would have to open a new suit to “go as far as they legally can.” Where did you get your law degree? Community college?

  • Tgirgis

    Just re-read the lawsuit, don’t quite know what it is you think you’re talking about, but both companies did the same exact thing. End of story.I don’t really think personal attacks against me are going to make this any different, I suggest YOU re-read the lawsuit and stop embarrassing yourself.

    Here’s a copy of the Samsung counter-suit filed with the ITC:

  • HotelQuebec

    Nvidia is behaving like the patent troll Apple. My wallet has the final say and it doesn’t like patent trolls and fraudulent litigation to stifle competition.

  • ken

    You know how Koreans are like. South Korea is a North Korea with capitalism.

  • fm123

    You’ve shown you haven’t bothered to research patent law, but just give your opinion (which is not the law). Why not actually read what the law says. Did you actually read any of the patents? The Samsung patents are very general, moreso than the Nvidia patents. Nvidia’s patents are specifically regarding GPU technologies, while Samsung patents appear to be anything they can throw against them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Samsung patents are invalided, based on what they contain.

    Title 35, Section 271.
    “(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without
    authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention,
    within the United States or imports into the United States any patented
    invention during the term of the patent therefor, infringes the patent.”

    Samsung makes, uses, offers to sell, and sells product. So if they are found to infringe then they as a company infringe the patent(s). Additionally, there are sections about willful infringement, which means having knowledge of patents while infringing. That is why Nvidia noted they informed them years before, so now they have knowledge of the patents, so by continuing to allegedly infringe, they open themselves to considerably larger damages. Nvidia is going directly after the largest alleged infringers, which is completely logical. There is little financial gain to sue a small company like Velocity Micro. So for a large company to put a small company into a bad position which has little monetary value, that is mainly for strategic positioning.

    Qualcomm hasn’t responded yet, but since they make their profits from IP licensing, I would expect them to understand this situation. They want to get paid for IP, and so they know they have to pay others for IP.

  • Jizzus

    Somehow my reply post is awaiting for NVIDIA approval.

  • cyrylthewolf

    ^ In saying as such; your statement yields no more meaning than his.

    Be specific and explain yourself or you’re just as much a moron.

  • SteelCrysis

    AMD stealth advocate or Samsung employee much?

  • SteelCrysis

    No it isn’t. But with a name like “Jizzus”, I can see why Nvidia would ban you, considering offensive usernames is a dead giveaway that someone is a troll.