Shock and Awe: What the Experts Are Saying About NVIDIA Tegra X1

by Will Park

Super. Awesome. Ultra. We could pile on the adjectives when talking about our new NVIDIA Tegra X1 mobile processor. But let’s go with a few numbers, instead.

Our latest mobile processor has a 256-core Maxwell architecture GPU, 8 ARM CPU cores, and can deliver 60 frames per second of 4K video. It packs one full teraflop of computing power.

You get the idea: with numbers like these, you can leave the superlatives to others. So, here’s what industry observers are saying about the just introduced NVIDIA Tegra X1. For all the feeds and speeds, see our Tegra X1 white paper.

  • “Tegra K1 set a new bar for GPU compute performance, and now just a year later Tegra X1 delivers twice that. This impressive technical achievement benefits both 3D graphics, particularly on devices with high-resolution screens, as well as GPGPU software that is becoming more prevalent, particularly in automotive applications.” Linley Gwennap, founder and principal analyst of the Linley Group.
  • WebTegraX1_main“Tegra X1 has enough horsepower to beat the first teraflop supercomputer. Imagine what developers will soon be doing with it.” Jon Peddie, president, Jon Peddie Research.
  • “Tegra X1 raises the expectation for what a mobile chip is capable of. Its computing power is mind-blowing.” – Tim Bajarin, president, Creative Strategies, Inc.
  • “Tegra X1 is impressive – a huge leap beyond Tegra K1, which was launched just a year ago. It will be a driving force in the automotive, tablet, embedded and mobile gaming markets in 2015.” Pat Moorhead, founder, president and principal analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy.
  • “NVIDIA’s ability to bring Maxwell to Tegra just months after launching GTX 980 is simply stunning.” – Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst, Enderle Group.
  • “The Tegra X1 will give other processors a run for their money, even the Intel Core products, especially in embedded and graphics-intensive applications like computer vision for automotive applications.” – Jim McGregor, founder and principal analyst, Tirias Research.

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