Come for the Cars, Stay for the Surround Vision: 8 Amazing Things NVIDIA’s Showing at CES

by Danny Shapiro

We admit it, we like to do things in a hurry. The sprawling show floor at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas opens on Tuesday. And we’ve already announced our news. Specifically:

  • NVIDIA Tegra X1, our new 256-core superchip packs more than one teraflops of power, unleashing a new generation of graphics, deep learning, and computer vision applications.
  • Our NVIDIA DRIVE car computers will take the Tegra X1’s power and bring it into a new wave of smart, connected, highly-intelligent cars.

Now it’s time to start showing our stuff. We’ve got a lineup of incredible demos and a pair of stunning new cars parked in our booth. More details:

The Cars

  • 2016 Audi TTS – this elegant coupe has a new virtual cockpit. Slip behind the wheel and you’ll find a 12.3-inch Tegra-powered instrument cluster serving up driver information like the speedometer and tachometer. Scan the rest of the cockpit and you can soak in entertainment and navigation powered by the car’s Tegra-powered modular infotainment system.
  • Renovo Coupe – It’s sleek, it’s silver, it’s the first American-made electric supercar and it’s parked front-and-center in our booth. The Renovo Coupe goes into limited production later this year. And it features a cockpit concept designed with our NVIDIA DRIVE Studio and Tegra X1.

Motoring with Neurons: How NVIDIA DRIVE PX Creates Self-Aware Cars

  • Surround Vision – We’re weaving images from cameras embedded throughout next-generation automobiles into an integrated bird’s eye view of your car, and displaying it on an integrated in-vehicle entertainment systems. You’ll never back into a shopping cart again.
  • Deep learning –Cars will soon be able to do more than just help you see what’s around you. NVIDIA PX can make the car contextually aware, recognizing everything from pedestrians to ambulances.
  • Auto-Valet – NVIDIA DRIVE PX is smart enough to be able to find open parking spots and safely slide an automobile into it all on its own. And when you’re ready to roll, you can call the car back with the push of a button.

NVIDIA DRIVE CX: The New Digital Cockpit

  • Advanced Navigation – See how NVIDIA CX integrates NVIDIA’s cutting-edge graphics capabilities with mapping smarts from TCS and Nokia HERE.
  • Digital Cluster – We’re enabling rich, distraction-free dashboards filled with high-resolution, 3D images and silky smooth animation. Our NVIDIA DRIVE Studio software lets car designers sculpt new kinds of experiences that mimic the rich look and feel of real materials like bamboo, porcelain, carbon fiber, and brushed aluminum.
  • Android Auto – Meshing phones and cars seamlessly and safely. We’re showcasing the ability to use an Android smartphone in your automobile with voice and in-vehicle controls, while putting information from the phone on the car’s screen.

You’ll find us at the front of the South Hall #3 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Booth number #30307. For more on what we’re up to at CES, visit

Post updated Jan. 6 with image from NVIDIA’s booth.