Level Up: With Windows 10 – and DirectX 12 – PC Gaming Will Soon Be Better Than Ever

by Jay White

Stunning graphics. A deep well of great titles. And almost limitless flexibility. PC gaming is already a great experience.

It’s about to get better. At an event at its Redmond, Washington headquarters Wednesday, Microsoft outlined how it’s putting gaming at the core of the next version of its Windows operating system – Windows 10.

It’s a move that’s sure to add momentum to the fast-growing PC gaming market. One of the key pieces of this effort: DirectX 12, a next-generation graphics application programming interface that will bring new levels of realism and immersion to games. And do so more efficiently than ever.

Windows 10 promises a great gaming experience.
Windows 10 promises a great gaming experience.

We’re more than ready. GPUs built on our Maxwell GPU architecture –  such as our recently released GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980fully support DX12.

That means gamers equipped with our gear are ready for what will be an unprecedented line-up of great Windows 10 gaming titles. More than 100 game developers are already working with DX12 through Microsoft’s early access program, Microsoft said Wednesday.

Putting PCs right in the middle of the action, Microsoft also said they’re bringing console-exclusive titles, like Fable Legends, to the PC. By integrating XBOX Live into Windows, DX12 will enable true cross-platform gaming for the first time, letting you jump into the action with console-equipped friends.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella headlined Wednesday's event.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella headlined Wednesday’s event.

It all adds up.NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs, NVIDIA GeForce Experience – which lets gamers optimize their systems with a single click – new standards like DX12, and the power and flexibility of Windows 10 mean that gamers will soon be rewarded with the best gaming PC experience ever.

So grab one of our GPUs. Once DirectX 12 is available from Microsoft, everyone with DirectX 12 compatible NVIDIA GPUs will get support for it. Stay tuned.