NVIDIA Brings Maxwell to Millions of Gamers with GeForce GTX 960

by Justin Walker

Today’s introduction of GeForce GTX 960 brings Maxwell’s powerful and efficient architecture to more gamers than ever before. The GTX 960 offers the same incredible Maxwell performance and advanced technologies of its big brother the GTX 980, but at a more affordable $199 price point. That means more and more gamers can enjoy next-generation PC gameplay, continuing to fuel the PC gaming revolution.

Powerful, Advanced, Efficient

Game advanced: the GeForce GTX 960 powered by Maxwell.

We built the GTX 960 for PC gamers who are looking for a cutting-edge gameplay experience. The GTX 960 is powered by 1,024 CUDA cores, while delivering a stunning 60 frames per second on full HD 1080p displays, even on some of the industry’s most demanding new titles. And while the GTX 960 is powerful out of the box, overclockers will also love the performance headroom.

Maxwell’s power efficiency means the GTX 960 can serve up MOBA titles such as League of Legends in stone silence – while sipping just 30 watts of power.

The GTX 960 also supports Maxwell’s advanced technologies like dynamic super resolution (DSR), which provides a 4K experience on a 1080p monitor, and multi-frame anti-aliasing  (MFAA), which offers high-quality anti-aliasing with improved performance.

With the GTX 960 as part of the GeForce GTX gaming platform, gamers also benefit from NVIDIA technologies like G-SYNC for stutter-free gameplay; GeForce Experience, which lets gamers optimize their systems with a single click; and GameWorks, which helps developers bring new experiences to gamers.

Future Proof

And its graphics capabilities include support for Microsoft’s next-generation DirectX 12 standard, due this year with Windows 10 (see “Level Up: With Windows 10 — and DirectX — PC Gaming Will Soon Be Better Than Ever“). More than 100 game studios are already working on titles built for DirectX 12.

The GTX 960 will enable more gamers to enjoy Maxwell’s advanced, next-gen gaming experience.

Look for it from your favorite retailer today.

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  • Abhishek Prusty

    Good Article !

  • Robert Bohannon

    There’s so much wrong with this statement…. “The GTX 960 offers the same incredible Maxwell performance and advanced technologies of its big brother the GTX 980”

    Does it really have the same performance?

  • http://www.prreklam.com/slutet/ Force Majeure

    No, not at all, but you’d have to wait for the comparative benchmarks. I’d think it lands comfortably somewhere between 750 Ti / 760 and GTX 970, but closer to 760/770. It has only 128 bit memory interface, right?

  • lehpron

    Don’t take it out of context. nVidia isn’t saying GTX960 and GTX980 have the same performance, they are just trying to associate them together due to similar architecture so you don’t buy something else. GTX960 has the same “Maxwell performance” as GTX980, treat the words in quotations as description not measurement.

  • Emanuel Borges
  • SteelCrysis
  • Emanuel Borges

    Please, link Nvidia’s OFFICIAL page, that page has no source from where he got the ‘nvidia response’. Or Nvidia is giving support in tech sites and not in her own?

  • ex nvidiafan

    ASHOLES!!! okay.. i do not buy any Product from you next 3 Years.

  • Ken Weaver Jr.

    Yeah, I really, really wanted one of these because of the lower power draw, but at 128bit memory interface, I threw my hands up and said, “NOPE.”
    The day the “TI” version comes out with a 192 bit interface or better, I’ll bite. But I’m not fooling around with this narrow-minded 128bit memory crap. D:

  • Ken Weaver Jr.

    128-bit memory interface is cringe-worthy, Nvidia.
    please release a TI version with at LEAST 192bit memory interface. Then I’ll bite. I might even buy two and SLI them. But 128 bit memory is a no-way-jose situation.