Take a Spin with World’s Fastest GPU Accelerator – for Free

by Bryce Mackin

We designed the new Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerator to push the limits in performance and functionality.

With dual GPUs, it has 2x the performance and double the memory of its predecessor. It’s 10x faster than the fastest CPUs. Plus, its enhanced NVIDIA GPU Boost technology (PDF 344 KB) dynamically extracts maximum performance from all applications and workloads.

And, as the below chart shows, K80 is achieving stunning performance on some of today’s most popular applications:

NVIDIA Tesla K80 Accelerator Performance

The Tesla K80 is the new flagship of the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform –  the leading platform for accelerating data analytics, scientific computing, and machine learning applications.

It’s loaded with everything users need to drive innovation and discovery. So it’s ideal for deep learning, data analytics, science and other computationally demanding fields.

But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for our free GPU Test Drive program and see for yourself what the Tesla K80 accelerator can do.

The Test Drive lets you run your own application on one or more K80s. Or try one of the preloaded applications, including AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS and LAMMPS.

Signing up requires just two easy steps:

  1. Complete the registration form
  2. An NVIDIA rep will contact you and send instructions on how to log-in to a remote cluster

Now you’re ready to run your application. We think you’ll be impressed.

Be sure to share your experiences with us.