GTC’s Got Game: Learn How NBA, NHL Arenas Use Floors as Giant Displays

by Greg Estes

Don’t blink. Whether a fast break in basketball or a 100 mph slap shot in hockey, indoor sports are all about speed.

Fans know not to take their eyes off the action or they could miss something amazing.

That’s why pro sports teams are installing a new generation of NVIDIA GPU-powered projection systems. They put stunning 3D images right onto the field of play.

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Bell Centre Montreal
All rise for the national anthem, at Montreal’s Bell Centre.

Immersive, Full-Court Projections

Whether in an arena or on a stage, lifelike digital projections are becoming a staple of live sporting events. Many of these systems rely on coolux Media Systems’ Pandora’s Box, which handles 3D projection mapping, real-time compositing and tracking, blending and warping.

Live crowds will be viewing these systems, so they have to be reliable. That’s why coolux relies on NVIDIA GPUs to handle real-time video manipulation.

Quince Imaging—known for tackling challenging image-projection projects—began working with the Cleveland Cavaliers last year. The goal: create an immersive, full-court projection as part of the team’s jersey retirement ceremony for two-time All-Star center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas jersey retirement ceremony
Cleveland Cavaliers go big to retire jersey of big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The event was a hit, getting more than 2 million views online. Now cutting-edge on-court visuals will be part of all Cavs home games. The Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers and other teams are following suit.

Basketball fans love it. Ice hockey fans are getting a taste of the technology as well.

Montreal’s Bell Centre turned the ice that’s home to the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens into the world’s coolest high-definition display.

For the hockey season, the Bell Centre called on local technology developer IMMERSIVE Design Studios to create something that would make jaws drop.

Working with audio-video systems integrator Solotech, IMMERSIVE created a cutting-edge system. Called CANVAS, it uses NVIDIA GPUs to project 6K video right onto the ice.

Thanks to IMMERSIVE, the Bell Centre’s stunning hockey pre-game show was the first to be televised live.

Bell Centre Montreal
Larger than life, at Bell Centre in Montreal.

And the folks who run the arena haven’t stopped there. They’re planning to expand from pre-game shows into feature-length projections.

These large-format, high-resolution displays aren’t just for sporting events. You’ll find them everywhere from corporate conference rooms to supercomputing facilities.

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