SHIELD: More Than Just Games

by Matt Wuebbling

We’ll only say this once. Your digital life should be about more than just great games.

Don’t get us wrong. SHIELD is made to game. It’s built to scoop up the best titles that Android and PC gaming have to offer and put them smack in the middle of your living room.

Grab SHIELD’s remote and prepare to be entertained.

But la vida digital demands more than games. Photos. Movies. Music. Apps. You probably already enjoy them on your tablet. And you take them everywhere you go on your smartphone.

The common thread: Android. Just as PCs open up a deep pool of applications and entertainment, Android keeps our digital lives organized on the go, so you can pick up where you left off anywhere, on any device. We built SHIELD around Android TV so that you can bring that all home.

And because SHIELD is built for games – the most demanding consumer applications around – it can hustle through your personal multimedia collection. This is the first Android TV device that can stream 4K content.

“We think people using NVIDIA’s SHIELD console will love watching YouTube in 4K, thanks to the work NVIDIA did to make its Tegra X1 processor support VP9 video decoding,” says Heather Rivera, YouTube’s director of product partnerships.

So it’s ready to dip into a growing library of ultra-high definition video.

And we made it all easy to access, too. Control it with voice commands. Or from a familiar console-style controller. Or our dead simple remote. Or pick up your Android smartphone or tablet and beam content to your television, via GoogleCast.

SHIELD does all this, starting at $199.

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