Carmakers Roll Into GPU Technology Conference

by Danny Shapiro

Audi. BMW. Honda. GM. Toyota. Nissan. Tesla.

This year’s GPU Technology Conference will have more cars than canapes.

The Renovo supercar's interior features our NVIDIA DRIVE CX digital cockpit
The Renovo supercar’s interior features our NVIDIA DRIVE CX digital cockpit

We’ve curated more than 25 sessions showing how technology is transforming the auto industry. They include talks detailing how GPUs are changing the way the industry designs cars, engineers them, makes them safer and even sells them in virtual showrooms. Plus, we’ll explore how supercomputing in the car and in the cloud are the key self-driving vehicles.

The best part: all these car companies are bringing cars with them.

There will be 20 cars on display or available for test drives. Check out the Audi self-piloted car that drove itself over 550 miles from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas. Ogle the Renovo Coupe supercar powered by Tegra X1. Or gawk at a 3D printed car from Local Motors, which will also be at the show.

Let's roll: Audi and NVDIA are pioneering self-piloted cars.
Let’s roll: Audi and NVIDIA are pioneering self-piloted cars.

The conference opens on Tuesday, March 17, with a keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk will join him on stage to discuss deep learning and self-driving cars. Don’t miss it.