Artomatix – “a Painkiller and Vitamin for Artists” – Wins $100,000 at Emerging Companies Summit

by Ken Brown

A year-old startup that promises to cut production costs for video games and movies, won the second annual $100,000 Early Stage Challenge, at NVIDIA’s Emerging Companies Summit Wednesday.

Artomatix, based in Dublin, Ireland, automates content creation by generating images that usually need trained artists.

Run from a former Guinness brewery, the company uses machine learning and big data analytics to reproduce artwork such as characters and objects, progressively altering them in a realistic fashion.

“It’s an emerging area that we call ‘machine creativity,’” Artomatix CEO Eric Risser said in an interview with GamesBeat. He described his company as both “a painkiller and a vitamin” for artists.

Artomatix was one of a dozen promising startups competing for a $100,000 check at the Early Stage Challenge. Other companies, hailing from six countries, focused on medical imaging, deep learning, rendering, pharmaceutical research and automotive technology.

Now in its eighth year, the Emerging Companies Summit featured  a total of 17 companies presenting onstage before a room full of investors and technology executives in Silicon Valley competing for a total of $650,000 in prizes. The morning session featured five promising startups involved in robotics, machine learning and computer vision.