CryEngine Gets Its First DirectX 12 Game at BUILD 2015

by Brian Burke

A day after NVIDIA helped stun the crowd at Microsoft’s BUILD conference, we’re behind a second jaw-dropping DirectX 12 demo that’s grabbing headlines.

King of Wushu, earmarked to be the first DX12 title in China, is also the first CryEngine-based game to take advantage of the next-generation graphics API.

It took two engineers just six weeks to port King of Wushu from DirectX 11 to DX12, and its performance improvements are stunning.

DirectX 12 gives games like King of Wushu a stunning new level of realism.

NVIDIA GameWorks Effects Studio is working with game developer Snail Games to enhance King of Wushu with NVIDIA GameWorks technologies such as NVIDIA HairWorks, PhysX Clothing, and more that are yet to be announced.

It’s the latest sign that DirectX 12 deployment is coming fast. Square Enix’s moving demo during the Microsoft’s BUILD keynote stunned the gamers with its use of advanced graphics to portray the human emotion of crying.

There’s more coming. At BUILD, Microsoft called DirectX 12 the fastest adoption by titles under developments since Direct3D 9. Work on the new DX12 API is now complete. Working drivers are released. Around 50 percent of gamers already have DX12-ready hardware installed.

In fact, NVIDIA’s Maxwell and Kepler GPU architectures already support DX12, with support for Fermi coming later. DX12 has experienced rapid adoption by a broad range of game engines.

NVIDIA is working on DX12 on many different platforms — providing drivers, working with game engine providers, co-developing with Microsoft and helping game developers deploy their DX12 titles.

And demos like the ones from this week show it’s an effort that’s paying off.