Watch as Amazing Art Takes Shape on SHIELD Tablet

by Michael Chu

From streaming PC games at home to playing Android games on the road, the SHIELD tablet delivers a completely immersive experience.

But the device — powered by our Tegra K1 mobile superchip with 192 cores— also delivers an immersive experience of a different sort: creating amazing digital art.

Artists the world over are pushing visual boundaries with SHIELD tablet’s DirectStylus 2 technology. And they’re showcasing their work online using time-lapse video, giving viewers an insider’s look at the creative process.

Sachiko Tomidokoro's time-lapse sunset
Sachiko Tomidokoro’s time-lapse sunset

The DirectStylus 2 features GPU-accelerated painting effects that allow you to draw the full spectrum of lines found on the graphite scale.

As hard, thin and light as a 9H pencil. As soft, dense and dark as a 9B.  And everything in between. And that’s just for drawing.

Digital Advantage

Artists can switch their tools in an instant, making writing, drawing and painting accessible in one place. For example, the stylus can also be used as a painter’s brush, simply by changing the pressure applied on the screen. And there’s no pencil sharpening, turpentine-soaked brush cleaning or blotting ink spills.

As the time-lapse videos show, SHIELD tablet offers the digital advantage of starting from scratch or repeatedly reworking art without consuming paper or canvas.

Sachiko Tomidokoro, a digital content producer based in Japan, likes the freedom the tablet provides “to think ideas out on the screen” — and the ease of changing these as needed. Images and artwork can easily be stored and shared among the creative teams she works with.

The chisel tip of the DirectStylus is angled to mimic the feel of a painter’s brush. This makes it popular with artists, as they can design detailed characters and add color and atmosphere to their digital entertainment projects.

SHIELD’s Dabbler app comes with a variety of mediums, ranging from dense oil paints to slick watercolors. Artists can have immediate control with each brush stroke — techniques that usually require years to master.

“The watercolor is excellent, because you can control how the ink goes down and how it mixes” on digital paper, Tomidokoro said. Best of all “you can delete mistakes, lines and colors.”

Sachiko's completed time-lapse sunset
Sachiko’s completed time-lapse sunset

The shift from carrying bulky sketchbooks and art supplies to tucking away a pocket-sized tablet not only makes transportation easier. You can also share work online, and “there’s no worry about cleaning brushes and palettes,” she said.

Layering Images

We’ve recently unveiled updates to the SHIELD tablet, with enhancements for the Dabbler app on Google Play. This allows us to provide new features to users at a faster cadence, as well as optimizations and fixes when needed.

Updated features to the Dabbler app include more realistic oil and watercolor painting effects, which allow artists to move between watercolor and oil painting seamlessly on the same canvas. Others include merged color and brush functionality, along with ways to layer images more easily so those images, when digitally stacked, can be moved and scaled independently.

This is highlighted in work by an artist in Russia, who goes by the handle MiatriSs.  She creates animated content, writes her own songs, does voiceovers and makes “Let’s Play”-style gaming videos for YouTube.

MiatriSs time-lapse artwork
Miatri’s time-lapse artwork

With SHIELD tablet, you can also create your own time-lapse sessions on Dabbler. Find out how in the “ShadowPlay Twitch Streaming & Recording” section of the tips and tricks page on our website.