We’re Introducing AndroidWorks to Help You Build Great Games for All Android Devices

by Sebastien Domine

To enjoy great gaming hardware, you need great games. But great games need more than just great hardware.

They also need terrific developer tools — ones that streamline processes and solve complex visual problems.

That’s why developers worldwide use NVIDIA GameWorks. It’s the world’s largest and most powerful collection of developer tools and libraries dedicated to the adoption of advanced gaming technologies.

AndroidWorks helps us bring players incredible mobile experiences on a variety of Android devices and chipsets. – Lewis Strudwick, studio technology director at EA Melbourne.

Expanding GameWorks

With the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD, which runs Google’s Android TV OS, we’re expanding GameWorks to include rich developer tools for building great visual experiences on Android with AndroidWorks.

GameWorks helps developers bring their visions to life with support, samples, libraries, tools and access to more than 200 engineers focused on the cutting edge of games and graphics development.

With AndroidWorks, the best native Android application development tools are available to all Android developers across a range of devices.

Not Just for Tegra Devices

We based AndroidWorks on our Tegra Android Developer Pack. But it’s not just for Tegra-powered devices. It’s a professional-grade tool designed to provide the best development platform for all Android devices.

AndroidWorks reduces the complex process of configuring an Android development system down to a single click. It also integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio through Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio edition. So game developers can work in their favorite environment.

NVIDIA’s tool advancements are refining Android to a level matching game console development. – Niklas Smedberg, senior graphics programmer at Epic Games.

Our aim: To unshackle developers from the constraints of the Android software development kit — and unleash the power found in Android devices.

AndroidWorks saves developers time by providing a reliable source for debugging their applications. For a list of devices that we’ve already tested, and a run-down on more AndroidWorks features, check out our developer page. To learn more and get involved, sign up here.

We’ll provide frequent updates to AndroidWorks to ensure developers have the most robust and stable development environment.

That means developers will get to spend time doing what they love to do. And what we all want them to do: create a new world of awesome Android games, apps and experiences.

Hungry for more? Hear from Tony Tamasi, our SVP of Content and Technology, as he talks about why SHIELD is a developer’s dream, in the video below.